Monday, November 26, 2012

Inky Midnight Blue Walls

Right now I'm so drawn to dark colors that evoke moody Edgar Allen Poe stories, ominously overgrown gardens, and sternly patrician elegance... but with a clean, modern edge. Perhaps it's a desire to hibernate that makes me love these dark, cozy rooms--but aren't they gorgeous? I love that way the white trim and accents crisply pop against the inky midnight blue paint.
I love these dramatic contrasts! The wooden farmhouse table juxtaposed with the Saarinen style chairs, the lushly textured
sheepskin rug against the parquet floor, and the velvety blue versus the acid yellow upholstery have me swooning.  Source
This is not a young look, but I love it. The original art, classic mantle, and wingback chair are so elegant. The faux bois rug and crisp white accessories make it just modern enough, but I still imagine Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson might swish though this room at any moment.  Source
Neutrals don't have to be boring, and blue can be nautical without being overly themed! I like the seascape and starfish. Source
Imagine this room with white paint. Nice, but nothing special, right? Every single
item pops so beautifully against that powerful blue-black paint. Source
The poisonous green of that throw! The crisply bold stripes against the neutral chaise!
The cheerful art juxtaposed with that dangerously dark blue paint! I'm in love.
This looks like the perfect place to curl up and read Rappaccini's Daughter, but get this--it's a nursery.
This woman is a design genius, and her entire home is this awesome. Go read her blog now.  Source
Why, you might ask, am I inclined to hibernate? Well... It's been an interesting week.

Most men are such babies when they're sick, but not Keith. It's insane how stoic he can be when he's ill. Ruptured eardrums? Migraine headaches? They're no problem for my man! So when he couldn't get out of  bed on Wednesday morning, I was concerned. A few hours later, I was driving him to the emergency room. When begged me to make an illegal left turn on red, just so he'd get to the hospital quicker, I cried because I knew something was really wrong.

After nine hours of morphine and IV fluids, Keith was discharged with a vague diagnosis: "It's something viral." I stayed home and took care of him on Thanksgiving Day. My parents brought us leftovers but didn't linger; they were afraid of Keith's killer cooties. On Friday, wouldn't you know it, I came down with the same bug that sent Keith to the hospital. We spent the weekend cocooned at home, sleeping off the sickness, playing Scrabble, and watching Sherlock.

Oh, and ogling pictures of inky blue-black walls. Naturally.


  1. I like that wall color, too. so dramatic. cool.

    1. Thanks! Have you tried it on your own walls? I'm so curious about what real people say about living with a color like this.

  2. I love dark walls, but you need a lot of natural light!

    1. Oh yeah, big windows and natural light are a must to pull this off.

  3. Hey! I saw your comment over on Feathers and Freckles and came to check you out. I'm also a huge fan of murky walls, but booooy are they ripe for looking terrible. How many times have you seen someone's dark red dining room that needed one more coat of paint to cover up all of the old white? Ouch. Of course, my walls are the same white as when I moved in, so I can't talk.

    1. Haha, my living/dining room was originally red! But I let the professionals handle it, so it looked good. Most of the people I know use much tamer colors on their walls, so I haven't seen dark blue painted walls in person. That's why I love getting comments like this!

      My painters said that some colors cover better than others. Red pigments are thin and take at least three coats, but they said yellows and blues cover much better and require fewer coats. Is that wrong?

  4. Hi, please can you tell me the colour used in the second picture? I want to paint my walls that colour, or have all your walls in fact been painted in the same colour? I'm looking for paint in the same colour as in the second picture but I'm finding it difficult finding it. It must be the light, please help.

    1. I wish it was mine! If you follow the link to the original source, you'll see that they list the upholstery and rug designers, but not the paint color. They only say that it's peacock blue lacquer over charcoal gray paint. Does that help?


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