Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Raining Indoors! Oh, the Joys of Home Ownership.

When I talk about my home, I usually about the nice parts of home ownership: Choosing paint, selecting flooring, and having the freedom to tile my backsplash any way I like. But sometimes home ownership sucks. Today's post is a valentine to Keith, who was awoken at 6:30 by the sound of rain in our kitchen. Something was not right.

Penelope Cruz poses for the Campari 2013 calendar. IF ONLY indoor rain made us all look like this, right?

Our upstairs neighbor's water heater had burst, unbeknownst to him. We would've needed eggs, a frying pan, and an umbrella to make breakfast in our kitchen. So Keith, being a stand-up kind of dude, knocked on the neighbor's door, shut off the neighbor's water and gas, and spent his first three waking hours ShopVac-ing (that's totally a verb, right?) water upstairs and getting a garden hose to divert leaking water into the neighbor's sink. Then Keith cleaned up our own kitchen. And then he cleaned up after our dogs, because they wanted in on the action and flooded the floors, too. And Keith did all this while I slept like a baby.* Darlin', you're the best. Thank you!

This weekend can only get better, right? I'm looking forward to seeing The Faint play at Cannery Ballroom, our huge annual Morning with Santa event at the library, playing Settlers with friends, and a dinner double date. Hope you have a good one, too!

*Which is saying a lot, because when I was a baby I once slept through a tornado. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Ohhh no! Poor Keith had his work cut out for him! Hope everything is under control now.

    My family played Settlers on Friday :) I came in second and was THIS close to winning!

    1. The cleanup is worse than the actual flooding! Two words: Asbestos tile.
      Maybe. Arrrrgh!

      Settlers is AWESOME! And so addictive. Do you play it often? Keith and I own an embarrassing number of expansions, as well as the iPad version. Because you never know when you'll have an urgent hankering to trade sheep for brick!


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