Friday, November 9, 2012

Original Watercolor Art by Lauren at Laurendy Home

Today I want to share the beautiful watercolor art I recently received from Lauren at Laurendy Home. Lauren's home decor blog is full of young, fresh, fun ideas that are actually affordable. You should go read her blog right now! When Lauren generously offered to give away a custom watercolor painting of any subject the winner liked, I crossed my fingers and held my breath.

When she told me I won, I was thrilled! I think she was a bit underwhelmed when I asked for a portrait of Gary Oldman as Dracula, but at least she was relieved that I wanted handsome Dracula instead of icky monster Dracula. Ha! Lauren was a good sport, though, and she humored me. I'm so glad she did, because I love her Gary Oldman painting almost as much as I love Gary Oldman himself. Which is a huge feat.

Lauren wasn't satisfied, though, so she threw in a surprise painting of me and Keith as a bonus gift in case I didn't like the way the first painting turned out. I wasn't expecting this at all, and when I opened it I cried a little! Isn't she talented? Don't you want to commission a painting from her right now? Well, you can! Send her an e-mail and a brightly lit inspiration photo, and let this woman work her magic.


  1. Thank you very much for the kind words, and, again, I am very glad you like them :)


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