Monday, January 28, 2013

Flocked Wallpaper for Your Swanky Bachelorette Pad

Good morning! How are you? Last weekend was so good: I had a delicious brunch with friends at Bosco's, saw Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with Keith (my fourth time seeing them... I love them!), and capped off the weekend with a trip to the improbably dragon-themed circus. Now I don't even mind that it's Monday and time for the most onerous chore of the year: The dreaded emission check. But let's talk design! Right now I'm obsessed with fuzzy, flocked wallpaper. It all started when I fell in love with everything about the show Sherlock... especially the living room at 221B Baker Street. The Union Jack pillow! The framed map of Britain! The scads of books in casual disarray! But most of all, I fell in love with that bold black and white wallpaper. I swoon! At first glance, it seems vaguely Art Nouveau, but the flocking gives it a huge dose of 1960s kitsch. Don't you want to run your hands all over it?!

Zoffany Navarre wallpaper in Dark Chocolate, as seen at 221B Baker Street
Sadly, the best price I can find on the Zoffany wallpaper puts it at about $130 a roll, plus whatever they charge to ship it across the pond. Ouch! Since a) That's absolutely insane, and b) I'm hoping to move in a year or so, I obviously won't be putting this on my walls anytime soon. For now, I'm content to simply collect inspiration photos and hope for the day when I find half a dozen dusty rolls of amazing velvety wallpaper goodness tucked away in an unlikely place. Like Big Lots.
Romo Lasari Miraflores wallpaper in Green
This photo really shows off the amazing touchable texture of flocked wallpapers. Don't you practically want to wear it?
There are about a million black and white damask and damask-ish flocked wallpapers. The more I browse, the more interested I am in unlikely patterns, especially those that are geometric, Art Deco, toile, and figural. Here are some of my favorites.

Graham & Brown Baroque wallpaper by Barbara Hulanicki in Blue & Gold 
Nono Deco Fabulous wallpaper in Emerald
Laurito Flock wallpaper in Ebony
Premier Flamante wallpaper in Blue
So many flocked designs feature lovely, dark, and deep motifs that remind me of brooding fairy tales. These papers make me imagine overgrown gardens hiding dangerous secrets, à la Rappaccini's Daughter, and long-dusty castles enshrining sleeping princesses. These papers might be difficult to live with in a large, often-used room, but they are so beautiful. I'd love to use one of these in a bathroom, hall, or entry!
Graham & Brown Fairytoile wallpaper in  Black
Zoffany Trade Routes Persian Tulip wallpaper in Taupe & Black
Doesn't it make you want to sing the theme from Little Shop of Horrors?
I love the way it's used in a smaller quantity and set off by the moulding.
That could actually make this look affordable!
Premier Flamante Moreska wallpaper in Black & Silver
Most of these designs come in an array of colors, from easygoing neutrals to wild, Technicolor dreams that scream BETSY JOHNSON! and ANDY WARHOL! Forget the dour damasks you think you know. If you're one of those girls lucky enough to have a dressing room or a walk in closet large enough to decorate, one of these colorful papers would be so much fun.
Casamance Masai Tribu wallpaper in Beige & White
Galerie Flock wallpaper in Red
Who knew you could get fuzzy technicolor damask wallpaper? I LOVE IT! 
Designers Guild Arabella damask wallpaper in Peony
I'm not crazy about bright pink damask, but look! It comes in crazy colors!
Also, I LOVE that the chair looks like it was made of moss and imported directly from Fairlyland. 
Galerie Flock floral wallpaper in Blue
Osborne & Little floral wallpaper in pink and purple
Do you like wallpaper? I know it's pretty 80s, but in small doses, and with no matching borders, I think it's fun. Have you papered any walls recently? I've removed wallpaper, but I've never hung it. Even though I won't be papering any rooms in our current place, I'd still like advice that might make future wallpapering jobs easier. Tell me what you know! I haven't chosen wallpaper since 1991. And can I make an embarrassing confession? The last time I chose wallpaper, I chose to cover my walls with creepy sad mimes. No, I am not making this up. Umm... Let's just laugh and move along, shall we?

You too can have creepy mime wallpaper! I AM SO SERIOUS.


  1. you make me laugh! :)in a good way.
    I love your description of the green chair, too.

  2. All these designs are gorgeous. Why do I love those bright green flowers so much!?!? My only concern is- how dusty and gross would this get? I mean I can't imagine it would be easy to clean.

  3. I hadn't thought of the fuzz-dust factor! Crap.
    Note to self: Ask Mom about this. She grew up with flocked wallpaper and has been teasing me about this obsession.

  4. oh my gosh how beautiful! i LOVE all of it, especially that deco one. we have wall paper in a few rooms that was in the house when we bought it and i love it. i wish it was flocked though!

  5. I'm doing an updated-Georgian house right now and flocked paper is on my list, but in small doses. The headboard wall in the master bedroom, the owner's walk in closet, dining room (only has two walls and opens on to the great room with two columns) and the main floor powder room are all potential flocked paper locations. The owners have kids so cleaning was my first concern. Turns out it needs just a dry sponging or you can vacuum with a dust brush attachment. But I agree, definitively for seldom used areas!

    1. Vacuuming with a dust b rush attachment... of course! Why didn't I think of that?! I'd love to see the finished house.


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