Monday, February 4, 2013

Bright and Awesome Living Room Ideas for My Bright and Awesome Friends

My dear friends Stephanie and Lauren recently moved in to a darling, freshly rehabbed bungalow. I'm so glad they live closer to me now. WESTSIDE REPRESENT! They promptly christened their new home the Hausten Haus and began decorating. Their landlord just refinished the hardwood floors and gave the walls a fresh coat of neutral paint, so Stephanie and Lauren's main question is how to merge their art and furniture. I made them these mood boards because I'm a totally bossypants friend Stephanie asked for decorating advice.

My advice for these two very colorful ladies is COLOR. 
Vivid, glorious, opposite-sides-of-the-color-wheel color.

They already have a neutral brown sofa, a big wooden chest serving as a coffee table, and the Parnassus Books and Andrew Bird prints you see here. I based this room concept around the gorgeous colors in that Andrew Bird poster. They also own a rocking chair and floor lamp that would look similar to these with a coat of paint. I'm telling you, these chicks have cool stuff. Ladies, grab some spray paint! 

Other items pictured:
Blue and white Ikea Sturga rug
Blue and white pillow cover (similar)
Aqua and orange modern pillow cover (similar)

But wait, there's more!

Their living room also has a white fireplace, and end tables and a slipper chair similar to the ones pictured. Those neutrals are so easy to work with! And they don't need to do any major editing; everything they already have in their living room will work. It just needs to be brought together with art, textiles, and accessories that harmonize and contrast in all the right ways.

Pictured Here:

I'm looking forward to game nights, brunches, and evenings that consist of gossip and red wine in this room. No matter what they do with the space, I know Lauren and Stephanie are going to make it look welcoming and creative, just like them. I really hope they like these ideas!


  1. I love the mood boards! Modern with eclectic touches, so pretty :)

    What Lola Wants

    1. Thanks, Adrienne! I know orange and blue aren't for everyone, so I appreciate the vote of confidence. :D

  2. Mood boards can help you to plan out your interior design. They are also good for getting help from friends. Thanks for posting.


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