Monday, February 18, 2013

Moonshine Nettie: Glamour, Glitter, and Rock and Roll!

Last Saturday afternoon, I visited Moonshine Nettie. OMG, y'all!!! The sisters who run Moonshine Nettie recently came to Nashville from New Orleans. Their boutique boasts a carefully curated selection of clothing, cosmetics, and accessories that represent their love of glitter, rhinestones, and vintage rock and roll. Maybe it's because I'm a mortician's granddaughter, but I love the voodoo chic vibe they brought with them from New Orleans. This place is incredible.

These glittery fascinators by Conchita Mcelwee are adorned with sugar skulls and DINOSAURS! Rawr!
I learned about Moonshine Nettie because Solanah at Vixen Vintage recently wrote about violet face powder by Besame. I love all things violet (violet pastilles are my favorite candy!), and I wanted to try it. When I learned that Moonshine Nettie is the only store in Tennessee that carries Besame, I was on a mission to visit the shop. So I grabbed my two best girl friends, and we drove down to Marathon Village.

Aren't those ruffly pantaloons on the left adorable?!
And  Moonshine Nettis is one of just FOUR shops in the U.S. that sell Lime Crime cosmetics!
Moonshine Nettie has so much more than just Besame cosmetics, though. This little shop is packed with items handmade by real artisans, not made in China. You want to wear something genuinely unique and special, made by a real artist? Come here! You'll find find Ellie Monster reworked vintage Western wear, glittery Glam Vino rings, art by Jeff Bertrand, makeup from Lime Crime cosmetics, Hove perfumes, and more.

Gorgeous hand-embellished lingerie... I love those skulls!
In addition to all the handmade awesomeness, Moonshine Nettie has a carefully chosen selection of men's and women's vintage clothing. These clothes have all the glamour and quality craftsmanship that I love to see in vintage clothing, but no weird costumey look. These are pieces that you could easily mix into your modern wardrobe and wear every day, especially the lace shifts and beautifully cut coats. The women's items on the front porch are deeply discounted right now, too... Visit them now while this sale is still on!

The violet face powder wasn't in stock last Saturday, but it didn't matter: My friends and I were immediately taken with the display of tutus that greeted us at the front door. We were going to an event together that evening, and we wanted to wear something girly, special, and sort of ridiculous. These tutus were perfect. Visit Lauren at Old Red Boots to see her sparkly take on QDP fashion that night!

We had so much fun wearing these. You have NO IDEA!!!

My friends are so darn pretty.
Okay, I suppose they're really crinolines. And that's perfect, because my new eShakti dress has a full skirt that needs something to fill it out! So I'll be able to wear my new not-really-a-tutu again soon. But I'm babbling! I'm really happy that Moonshine Nettie is in Nashville, and I'm looking forward to shopping there more. If you're local, I encourage you to visit the shop and support this amazingly vibrant and creative local business!


  1. Moonshine Nettie is the coolest place! We stopped by there after Porter Flea, and I fell in love. Those crinolines are awesome!

    What Lola Wants

  2. So that is why you all had tutus! I was totally wondering where you all got them!

    You looked so pretty on Saturday! :)

  3. My boyfriend actually told me about this place. He went to Marthon Village one day to get concert tix or something and stumbled in there. He was smitten with those western shirts. After reading this, I definitely wanna check this out!

  4. It's a super-cute place. I got an awesome embroidered 1950's cardigan from there, and they were friendly and helpful. Great store!


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