Thursday, March 21, 2013

Google, You Have Made Mr. Darcy Very Sad.

If you're like me and you start your day with coffee and your favorite blogs, then you've probably already heard that Google is closing down Google Reader and Google Friend Connect. That's how practically all of us connect to our favorite blogs, and I'm pretty bummed about it. Google, what are you thinking?! The good news is that the impending demise of GFC forced me to start using Bloglovin'. And I'm lovin' it.

At first glance Bloglovin' is just like Google Reader, but prettier and less cluttered.You add a blog to your list, and every time the blog is updated, the new post is added to your feed. Once you mark a post as "read," it's removed from your feed. And of course, if you're pressed for time and you only want to focus on specific blogs *cough* Vixen Vintage and Sea Field & Tribe *cough* then you can just pick them from the sidebar.

But here are the awesome things that almost made my brain explode: You can click on your favorite blog's profile and see a list of similar blogs. Once you've discovered and started following those, a single click on the sidebar lets you see a list of the most popular posts and/or blogs at the moment. Because blogging is totally a high school popularity contest, amirite?

When you tire of the prom queens and you want to see the coolest band kids, you can change "popular" to "up and coming" and then sort that list by specific types of blogs and/or what part of the world the blogger hails from and ohmygod, I love this so much. Naturally, I immediately looked the the top home decor blogs from the U.K. I mean, duh I'm Jen and what else would I do? Of course, you can also find the best French food blogs, or the hottest up and coming Germany photography blogs, or Australian film blogs, or whatever else your heart desires.

Most of you are probably already big fans of Bloglovin'. If you're already a fan of Bloglovin', rock on and click this! If you've never tried it... click it, then make a profile and play around a while! I think you'll like it.

Follow on Bloglovin

Either way, click? Oh yeah. Just one little click. You know you want to!


  1. I'm still fiddling around with blogloving, but is there a way to see FULL posts and not just previews that you have to click through?

    1. Nope, which is another thing I LOVE about it: Blogs and websites being read through Google Reader didn't get hits for those reads. One of my favorite webcomic artists explained once at a panel that Google Reader was cutting into her ad revenue for that reason. She gently asked fans to visit her actual site to keep the webcomic afloat.

      I know some people hate extra clicks, but I see it this way: Bloglovin' lets me quickly preview posts, and if I like what I see then I can click through and support the blogger. Win win. :D

      One thing I did hate was seeing the Bloglovin' frame around the entry when I clicked through! You can eliminate that in your Settings.

  2. I put the app on my phone so I could better acclimate myself to bloglovin, which is helping slightly. That's interesting about the google reader thing about not getting clicks....I hadn't heard that before and I guess that is the upside of this whole shakeup. It could be a good thing for us. I think I am a little nervous because getting your number of GFC followers up has always been stressed as exceedingly now it's a bit hard to let that go. Luckily I only have about 80 followers, but I can imagine its gonna be quite a transition for those with legions of fans.

  3. I've heard the news that Google Reader is going away (what are they thinking??), but I thought GFC was staying around, at least for now? I'm sure I am wrong :(

    What Lola Wants

    1. I'm not sure? My understanding was that GFC's functioning is dependent on the programming that supports Google Reader, and the initial reports about the closing said both Reader and GFC would be affected. Now I'm seeing contradictory reports, so I'm confused too! Either way, Bloglovin' is pretty great. I hope everyone starts using it!


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