Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beaches, Leis, Mai Tais and Mickey Mouse... We're Taking a Disney Hawai'ian Honeymoon!

Aulani Resort Beach ... Can I go there NOW? Please?
Keith booked our Hawai'i honeymoon on Sunday afternoon. His parents offered us some of their Disney Vacation Club points as a wedding present so we can stay at  Aulani, a Disney Resort on O'ahu. UM YES PLEASE OMG THANK YOU! My future in-laws are the nicest. I'm excited because O'ahu is next to Kauai, where they filmed Jurassic Park. We're going island hopping and dinosaur hunting! Okay, time to gank pictures of Aulani and Hawai'ian beaches for your viewing pleasure.
It was surreal to listen to Keith planning the practicalities: "We'd like to be there one full week. No, I think we'd like to fly out the morning after the wedding. Jen's last name won't be legally changed yet, so let's let's book it with her maiden name." Keith's mom really wanted to give me their last name on the travel documents--she said she's just so excited that I'm joining their family. When Keith told me that, I nearly cried!

Kauai! I can't wait to hike a volcano.
Want to know something strange?

On Sunday night, I felt unexpectedly sad while browsing through a wedding planning/vendor guide booklet. Each two-page spread featured a real wedding and promoted the venues, caterers, photographers, and planners that brought the event together. I looked at each page and thought No, I don't need that. No, I've already chosen my photographer. No, that Botanical Garden is beautiful but I don't need a venue anymore. I didn't understand... why was it making me so sad?! I felt like I was about to cry, and it was weird.

Oahu isn't too shabby, either!
I'm the oldest of three girls, and I grew up in a family that encouraged a lot of wedding talk. When we'd walk past a jewelry store, Mom would encourage us to look in the windows and pick our favorite rings. When we'd visit a beautiful place, Mom would always say things like, "Maybe one of you girls will get married here," or "Wouldn't this be a nice place to have a reception?" And this was when we were eight years old.

Aulani at night
Usually we'd roll our eyes at her and laugh. But in the same way that it's fun to plan an outfit for a party or create a decorating scheme for a room, it was fun to think about what we might want to do for our weddings someday. It was girlish daydreaming, full of what if? Anything was possible, and any pretty picture in a magazine represented something that I might do or make for myself someday. But now that time is gone. I'm not a girl daydreaming about what my wedding might be like someday. Now I'm a woman who knows what my wedding will be like, because it's happening in six months and I've booked half the vendors. I was sad because I enjoyed that time of hopeful daydreaming, and it's over now.

Aulani has horseback riding!!! YESSSSSSS!
When I told Keith how I felt, he was so encouraging and sweet: "Now the adventure begins! We'll just have to plan more special things. More vacations and parties and things we can look forward to doing together." Is he a gem, or what? Still, I think it's going to take me a minute to get over this. Did anyone else feel this way when they got married? Was it bittersweet to let go of all the pretty possibilities you didn't choose and all the fairytale what ifs?


  1. I love it!!! I had no idea there was a Disney resort is Hawaii. Oahu is so beautiful though!! I sent there when I was in high school and looooooved it

  2. Love the photos, love that your in-laws are so good to you...love everything! :) Life together is the adventure, not the wedding or honeymoon itself. Keith is right on with that. Besides, you can always do another ceremony in ten years (or five, or two) if you really want to do it again! :)

    1. We are both so lucky! Life is good, and these pangs are just a designer thing. Honestly, I've had the same feeling when I've finished decorating a room! :) I *thought* we'd entertain a lot this year, but our place is just too small for parties now that we both live here. Once we move, we're going to have a lot of parties with pretty decorations. I already know it!

  3. There's usually a let down when things you have always looked forward to are over. Believe me though, if you ever have a baby (and that often comes within a few years of a wedding), it will make the wedding seem minor and insignificant! NOTHING can match that high.

  4. Yes, there were some post-wedding planning blues. Mostly, for me my tiny bouts of sadness centered around the proposal as I spoiled the surprise and discovered his plans. So, I tell my husband every now and then that I'm sad there will never be another big surprise. And like Keith, he tells me I'm wrong. There will be other surprises.

    I'm sure you will have an amazing time on your honeymoon. Because. Lord. Those beaches. That sky. Dinos and horses!

  5. I'm the oldest of three girls also. I planned my sister's wedding two years ago and I have a Pinterest board for my unengaged little sister (who isn't planning on getting married anytime soon). So I totally get you. But I have to say - being married to ST is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Keith's right - the adventure is only just beginning.

  6. amazing! you guys will have make so many amazing memories!

  7. I'm clearly not married yet, but I kinda get that...heck, I'm not even engaged yet & we currently don't have an exact idea of when that's happening mapped out (yay real life & school & money!) but having already picked out a lot of the details and venders, I can see how it can be kinda sad going 'oh I like that photographer's style so much...but I've already got one...'.

    Regardless of that, it'll be an amazing wedding & trip & oh my goodness I can't wait for you to post pictures afterwards (already..yeah I know I'm probably jumping the gun!).

    Just remember, as the explorer says in "Up", "Adventure is out there!"

    -Jenny at Now Leaving Neverland

  8. oh that looks so beautiful! i love the jurassic park element too!
    i feel sad now when i see really cool wedding stuff. since i had mine a few years ago, i don't need those ideas anymore! it is so silly!


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