Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kate Spade's About Town Dinnerware Is So Cute, It Will Make You Play with Your Food.

I'm dipping my toes into the super-weird-for-me world of wedding registries. It's so strange to look at nice things and think Hey, that's something we might like to have instead of my usual Hey, I really like that but let's get real. It's not on clearance and I already have salt and pepper shakers. I wasn't excited about registeries, but that changed when I realized a) I'm not registering for fancy china because we are not fancy china people, and b) At some point in time, kitchenware become kind of awesome looking! Wouldn't it be impossible to resist playing with your food if you had all this cute stuff in your kitchen?
Kate Spade About Town dinnerware collection
This stuff evokes so many childhood memories. At first glance, it makes me remember Fisher Price Little People and Matchbox cars and the gritty urban look of the old '70s and early '80s Sesame Street. But when I look closer, I think of 1950s illustrations and Funny Face. Can't you imagine a tiny stick figure Audrey Hepburn gadding about this little cityscape with her perky ponytail defying gravity? Oh, I just love these!



The zigzagging fire escape makes my geometric-line-loving heart flutter.

The fun stuff is meant to coordinate with this Lenox tableware set. I like the accessories best, though!
They're fun, but they're not cheap, so I'm reluctant to ask my friends and family to buy these as gifts. At $20 apiece, the mugs are the cheapest items in the collection, and a very large part of my brain screams Do you know how many mugs a person could buy at Goodwill for $20?! But aren't they fun to look at? Let's look. And look. And look. *sigh*

Oh yeah, and you guys? I bought my wedding dress on Monday. But more about that later!


  1. what a cute collection! the salt and pepper shakers are amazing!
    registries are insane. people get super generous around weddings, my grandparents neighbors (who i never met) bought us a whole set of nice towels!

    1. Whoa, you scored! That's awesome. Ahhhh, don't tempt me! Is it awful that I'm already imagining our children playing with this stuff while I flip pancakes on a Sunday morning? It really DOES look like kids' toys. :)

  2. OMG you bought your wedding dress?!?!?!? YAY---details please, and that seems fast. Have you two set a date? Also, you get to register for whatever you want and if people think that it's too much, then they'll buy you some of the less expensive things on your registry instead. Also, people divide things up to cut down on the cost and the fact that you're not registering for fancy china also makes a difference. I say, go for it! Register for whatever you want and you'll get some and you won't get some and yay for the toy cars that took me FOREVER to realize were salt and peper shakers!

    1. Yep, I said yes to a dress! I've scattered wedding planning details through the last few posts, so it's probably been hard to see it all. But the wedding is October 5, so I needed to get a dress fairly soon tp allow time for alterations. We've secured our venue, photographer, caterer, day-of coordinator, and now the dress. It helps that my sister got married in 2011, and we knew who we wanted to hire for a lot of these things.

      I'm meeting with the tent vendor onsite next Tuesday. We still need an officiant, parking service, and party boat. This is a lot of fun for me. It's not hard; it's just a lot of checklists. I LOVE checklists!

      Aren't those salt and pepper shakers awesome? They're probably my favorite thing from the set. :D

    2. I definitely missed the date etc. Yay cannot wait to keep reading more. Your day is going to be beautiful! PS Forgot to put this in the post I just wrote re the dress but I love that you even diagramed your options! Lol

  3. I think I have seen dinnerware like that, pieces of it, at Homegoods/TJ Maxx. I will keep my eyes open. If you love it you should have some mugs or serving pieces. I was thinking your little kids will be so happy!

  4. Seriously- register for at least a couple things that you think you'll never get...youll probably get them. My best friend registered for a nice $400 standup mixer thinking there was no way in hell that she'd get it...and she did. I have heard this time and time again.

    I generally am too practical...but aren't weddings the one time where you should ditch practical

    1. You're so right. I just registered for the fancy bar cart I've been wanting for, like, ever. Fingers crossed!


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