Monday, April 8, 2013

The Library Wedding That Will Never Be

Wedding planning is going so well, it seems unreal. We've chosen our photographer and caterer and venue, picked some colors, started making a wedding website, met with the friend who is designing our Save the Dates to discuss the design, and oh yeah, we set a date!!! We're getting married on October 5, 2013. When we decided to tie the knot at the lake house, we knew we'd either have to do it in October, or wait until next spring. But spring is too rainy, and summer is too hot, and fall of 2014 is too far away. So seven months from now, I'll be a married woman. WOW.

Everyone is asking me, "What are your wedding colors? What is your wedding going to look like?" Well. I'm keeping it a secret for now, but I can tell you one thing: As much as I love libraries, it won't look like this. *sigh*

I've been lurking Style Me Pretty and Green Wedding Shoes since Keith moved in last year. They've given me a lot of good ideas... But too many ideas. Above all, I want a cohesive design concept. I knew I couldn't have mason jar cocktails and DIY centerpieces and a suitcase card holder and a brooch bouquet without looking like Pinterest threw up on our wedding. And come hell or high water, I want my brooch bouquet!

I figured I can either have it all, or I can have cohesive, simple elegance. Sign me up for elegance! To rein myself in, I came up with two completely different design concepts and made a mood board for each.  When I finished the boards, I let Keith make the final decision. The library mood board did NOT make the cut. I only mourned for about 3 seconds. I love the dark, moody colors of leather-bound books, but it would've been hard to make this look work at outdoors, next to the water. And I reeeeeeeeally love the board he chose!

Can I tell you something funny? Before he even looked at the mood boards, he asked, "Will these ideas allow me to wear a charcoal gray suit with pale blue accents? Because that would look good with my eyes." Hahahahaha! WHAT MAN ASKS THAT?! My future husband, that's who. 

He's kinda cute. I think I'll marry him.
The weekend flew by. We saw Ponychase and Photo Ops and a ton of our friends at The Basement on Friday night. I was up by 7:30 the next morning to go to the library and work at an Arbor Day event. I was there until 5:00, got badly sunburned, and fell into a sunburn coma as soon as I got home. But wait, it gets better! On Sunday, Keith and I enjoyed a delicious brunch hosted by two of my favorite ladies, where the above photo was taken. Keith and I had massages at Adagio and sushi at Zumi, and then went to Fort Houston to work together on an exciting project that I'm not ready to unveil here yet. Will someone pinch me? Aside from the sunburn, life is perfect.


  1. I know. it sucks that mason jars will forever wreak of pinterest. BOO! I do love the broach bouquet idea..I have looked into making these. I recommend going on ebay and searching for lots of broken broaches or clip on earrings {99% of clip ons are super huge and sparkly!} - its a cheap way to get a bunch of cute vintage pieces at a good price!

    1. Good call. I'm all about giving broken jewelry a new life (and saving a lot of money!). :D

  2. I'm so excited to see the real deal because the library wedding mood board....*sigh*. The location sounds marvelous (and I'm not just saying that because I was an October lakeside bride). It will all be stunning. The best wedding element is smiles.

    1. Thank you! You were an October lakeside bride, too? I love your style. *wink* I am so going back to read all your wedding posts now!

  3. i loooooove those brooch bouquets! if i had thought of those when i got married i would have had one too! so gorgeous

  4. So funny! I love your writing style.

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