Friday, May 31, 2013

Vintage Scientific Illustrations + Art Nouveau Style = Eugène Séguy.

I just discovered the work of Eugène Séguy (1890 - 1985), and I'm so enamored. Séguy was a French entomologist and designer whose work marries educational science prints and art. Who says science and creativity can't go together? Séguy illustrations represent the insects faithfully, but with distinctive style and heavy Art Nouveau influences. They almost look like jewelry, don't they? Séguy's designs were translated into Art Deco style textiles, too. A scientist turned fabric designer?! He sounds fascinating, but I can't find much biographical info on him.

moths or butterflies?
It's been a pleasantly quiet week: I've been reading and sunbathing, making flowers for the wedding and brewing up a big pot of soup, snuggling with the dogs, and directing traffic at the library. Okay, that last part hasn't been quiet at all. The first week of the Summer Reading Program has turned my library into a circus.  I need this weekend to rest and recharge. What are you doing this weekend? My plans involve friends, boats, cold drinks, and lots of sunshine. See you next week!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Knights, Magic, and Medieval Adventures! The Wretched of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler

Bridwell Library
Do you love Game of Thrones, but sometimes you're not in the mood for torture and botched beheadings?  Um, yeah... Me too! Then you'll like The Wretched of Muirwood, the first book in the Legends of Muirwood trilogy by Jeff Wheeler. It's packed with adventure, secrets, and Medieval magic, but no flaying. Ouch.

The Wretched of Muirwood has something for almost everyone: If you like Medieval knights, illuminated manuscripts, imposing abbeys and quiet cathedrals, this book is for you. If you like brave young girls with bows and arrows and heroines who care more about reading than boys, then you'll love the main character, Lia. And if you like magic systems that blend elemental magic with psychic connections à la Orson Scott Card's philotic web, then look no further.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Beautiful Boudoir with a Hint of Gothic Charm

Sometimes you have to accept that something isn't working and start fresh. In my case, that applies to my bedroom. In 2009, I painted it a gray that never looked right. I tried to distract my eye from the wall color by adding vivid mustard and turquoise textiles, but it just created jarring, too-bright spots of color in an odd-looking, not-quite-gray room. It's time to start over.

This time I want to create a restful room with soft colors and the occasional offbeat, slightly gothic accessory that might've been lifted from one of Edgar Allan Poe's stories. I'm going to paint the walls Blanched Coral by Benjamin Moore (the background color on this mood board), re-cover my upholstered headboard with brown linen, sew pillow covers from the two printed fabric swatches you see on the board, and sew black pom pom trim on the white curtains to copy the Toorie curtain from Anthropologie. I'll keep my cream matelasse bedspread, black painted furniture, and crystal lamps. I don't want to totally scrap everything I have.

I lusted after the fabric at Textile Fabrics last weekend, but I was afraid the fabric would be too girly for Keith. He was with me, so I led him toward it. Before I could point out my choice to him, he stepped in front of me, picked up the one on the left, and said, "I like this one!" WIN. I showed him the coordinating birdcage fabric, and he nodded. It figures that he'd like it--our first conversations were about Neil Gaiman

Speaking of Mr. Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane comes out in less than three weeks--and we already have our tickets to hear him speak at the War Memorial Auditorium in July. I haven't seen him live in almost 8 years, and I'm beyond excited!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Wish for a Fish Dish.

I hope you had a happy Memorial Day. I spent the day on a boat with my family, soaking up the sun and admiring the herons and the charred but still stately ruins of Johnny Cash's former lake home. Dad is a great Captain! And boating definitely relates to today's theme. Today I want to show you pretty serving dishes with an ocean life motif. As I said in my last post, I admire elaborate china, but it doesn't fit my lifestyle.Still, it would be fun to dress up my table with these lovely serving pieces. They're neutral enough to match my white dishes, but oh so fun:

Vintage Fish Plate by Fitz & Floyd sold by DetroitRockabetty on Etsy
In the mid-1970s, Fitz & Floyd made a complete line of servingware in this pattern. WANT IT ALL!

Serving Dish with Sea Turtles by Charlestowne Pottery on Etsy - Isn't the baby turtle cute?

This conch shell bowl from Pottery Barn is just too beautiful. Okay, I admit it: I registered for this one!

Vintage Clamshell Soup Tureen sold by JaysJunque on Etsy

Vintage Fish Tureen by Fitz & Floyd and listed on eBay Isn't this guy marvelous?
I love this pattern (and making soup!) so much that I had to list two tureens.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Loveliest and Most Tempting Fine China. Or, Why Am I Suddenly REALLY Into PLATES?

Fine china. It's just fancy plates, right? I like the way food looks on plain white plates, so I've never really been into dishes. I bought a complete set of Gibson Regalia dishes at a thrift store in 2004 for, like $40. That's been the extent of my dinnerware shopping, ever. China that's too precious to actually use has always seemed frivolous to me. 

But my sweet, wonderful, old-fashioned grandma put aside a set of vintage china for me and each of my sisters before she died, with instructions that we were to be given the sets as wedding presents. I miss her so much. I have no idea what it looks like, but she and I had similar taste, so I'm sure it's beautiful. I'm registering for some white everyday plates, because I've broken about half of my Gibson set, but I'm not registering for any additional china.

Despite that (or perhaps because of it?), I've recently become fixated on super-crazy, ornate dinnerware. It started as casual, voyeuristic perusal of wedding registries on giftregistry360. Does anyone else do that? It's creepily fun to see what brides and grooms requested, and then try to guess what they're like. Especially the couple who registered for ALL PURPLE STUFF. Who are these people?! 

Anyway, to make a long story short... As we crafted our registry, I peeked at other registries. I cackled like mad at the woman who registered for china that was $575 per place setting. Honey, your friends love you, but they don't love you that much. And then I became obsessed with fancy plates and stuff. A lot of these would look ridiculous with spaghetti and meatballs piled high on them, but they're so beautiful! I. Just. Can't. Stop. Looking.
Lenox Watercolor dinnerware in Citrus

If you like the watercolor painting look but you prefer a small, Japanese style dinner set, these are beautiful. I love the look of the delicate paintings on white porcelain.
Mikasa Daylight Dinnerware
Of all the dinnerware designers I looked at, Villeroy and Boch is my favorite. I like that they decorate the plates prettily but leave plenty of unadorned space for the food. I like this buttery yellow color, and I love a botanical print that looks modern and fresh. OH, and they have a beautiful blog with recipes, pretty table settings, and tempting cocktail recipes. It's now on my lurk list.

Who knew Rachel Bilson designed plates and stuff?! Not me! This set is hit or miss: Some of the pieces are fussy and too busy, but many of them are lovely. I especially like the large flower platter and small sculptural bowls. I'd like to mix and match certain pieces from this line with my plain white dishes. If you're REALLY into peacocks and butterflies, and you want it all, this set is HUGE. It even includes weird stuff like coordinating napkin holders and matching aprons.

This is not my favorite dinnerware collection; I think it's too busy. I'm including it, though, because it exemplifies the current trends in patterned china: Hummingbirds, butterflies, and botanical illustrations in very bright colors, with an emphasis on greens, blues, and yellows. Here's what I like most about this particular pattern: If you look very closely, you'll see that it includes the scientific names of the birds. I love long Latin names for tiny, tiny creatures!
Nectar dinnerware by Spode
These funny, elongated little blue hummingbirds look hand-painted, and I'm a big, big fan of that. I also like the unusual scalloped edges of these plates.

And now, for my absolute favorite: Up next is the pattern that I would register for if I was going to register for china. This is the pattern that makes me want to go to HomeGoods right now. For some reason, my local HomeGoods store is awash in pristine but lonely bone china teacups, platters, and serving bowls that somehow lost their brethren and ended up alone at HomeGoods. And from now on, this is the design I will search for there:

It has the birds and butterflies that are popular now, but in a lovely color palette that looks less electric and more like a classic botanical print. I love the violently spiky passionflower, the delicate ferns, and the sturdy little beetles hiding in the corners. This is it, y'all. This is the best one.

Except, if I'm honest, I don't want to have a perfectly matched set of china. I'd rather supplement my plain white dishes with fun salad plates and serving pieces from a variety of patterns, including some that have been discontinued. They'd be really fun to hunt down on eBay, etsy, and at thrift store and flea markets! To be continued...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Peachy Keen Paint for a Light and Bright Bedroom

Oh hi, Internet! I've been neglecting my blog in favor of, you know, actually doing stuff. And when I'm not running around, I'm looking at pictures of warm, peachy colored bedrooms. Our bedroom is the only room in our place that gets very little natural light. Right now it's painted gray, and it looks like a well-upholstered dungeon.... not good. I'd like to go back to something like the room's former design: Black furniture, black and white textiles, and color on the walls. I need a paint color that's light, bright, and warm, and I'm leaning toward a very pale peach.
Adorable Home

So what, you may ask, have I been doing when I haven't been poring over paint colors? I had such a full weekend, I feel like I'm only now stopping to catch my breath! On Friday I dropped in at a friend's birthday party, then went out and danced at QDP with awesome people. On Saturday I helped two of my favorite people in the world move into a new house, and then was treated to Rosepepper and Jeni's ice cream as a reward for  my efforts. And on Sunday, Keith and I introduced our families to each other over dinner in Chattanooga.

His parents, my parents, and his Mom's parents all met for cocktails and dinner at the Easy Bistro, which is incredibly gorgeous and swank and just OMG look at it. It's in an old building that was once a Coca-Cola Bottling plant, and it has so much Art Deco charm. The sexy black walls... the chartreuse banquette... WOW! When we were there, the tables were festooned with gorgeous arrangements featuring peonies and calla lilies. Oh, and we witnessed a proposal! So much love is in the air, y'all.

The whole point of this dinner was for us to introduce our families, but we ran into a storm on the way there and arrived last. I was afraid we'd walk in and our parents would be awkwardly eyeing each other and it would be horrible. Instead, I felt like we were crashing their cocktail party. We walked in, and they'd obviously been talking a while and they liked each other. I was so happy to see Keith's parents and grandparents, too. Big hugs all around, no awkwardness, and lots of smiles. 

Halfway through dinner, I looked around and thought All of these people are here because Keith and I fell in love. These people are going to be related to each other because one night we both went to the 5 Spot and started talking... and never stopped talking. A little crush became something something big and life-changing. It's a humbling, joyful thing to see that our relationship has the power to change other people's lives, too. It makes my stomach drop, like I'm on a roller coaster.

And then I had to break the spell by saying to Keith, "They're all here because of us. We have the powerrrrr!" in a supervillain voice. But still... Love is a big deal.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 2013 Ipsy Bag: Spring Fling

For those of you just tuning in, Ipsy is a beauty subscription service. For $10 a month, Ipsy sends 4 - 5 surprise beauty products to your door in a cute cosmetics bag. They even mail it in a shiny hot pink envelope! Seeing that envelope in my mailbox always makes me dance around like a little kid. If you don't want to get in a beauty rut, Ipsy is for you.

It's Ipsy bag time again! I'm not a fan of their new shipping partnership with DHL: It took 6 days for my bag to go from North Carolina to Nashville. What, are they shipping it by sedated land tortoise? But all was forgiven when I received my bag. This month it's chock full of fancy full-size products! And they're almost all to my taste, because this month Ipsy started using our beauty quiz results to customize our bags. Everyone received a full size Zoya nail polish, a yaby concealer, a Mirabella lipstick OR a Juice Beauty lip gloss, plus two random items chosen just for you. And some users got a bonus Urban Decay eye shadow! Here's what I got:

Full size yaby Concealer Refill in Buff - $4.85
Full size Zoya Nail Polish in GeiGei- $8.00
Full size Mirabella Colour Sheers Lipstick in Posy- $22.00
Full size Pacifica Perfume Roll-On in Tahitian Gardenia- $12.00
Anastasia Mini Clear Brow Gel - $6.68
(full size is $22.00 for 7.93 mL)
Full size Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow in Space Cowboy - $20.00
(special gift for active members/content creators)

Ipsy Price: $10.00

I'm so excited that I got a full size Pacifica Perfume! Pacifica doesn't use any phthalates, nitro-musks, or benzene. The Tahitian Gardenia scent is almost overpoweringly sweet and heavy when it's wet, but it dries down to a subtle, citrusy floral scent that's perfect for spring. It's feminine in a classy, old-school way. Some Ipsy users complained that it smells like old ladies, but I disagree. It's probably more sophisticated than the scents those girls usually wear, though. This is not a bubble-gummy, fruity scent for a young girl, and I like that. The packaging is pretty, too!

I was skeptical about the yaby concealer. How would they give us the right colors? But Buff blends well, and it's a perfect match for my skin. I used it yesterday on my undereye circles, and I like the result. Ipsy is still ironing out the customization thing: On the forums, many African-American women said they received Buff, too. And pale Irish girls got Pecan, the darkest shade. But I can vouch for the product's quality--it's good.

I wanted to try a clear brow gel, and it's like Ipsy read my mind. I have long, unruly eyebrow hairs that do what they want, damnit. The Anastasia Clear Brow Gel holds my brows in place without looking heavy or unnatural, and I like that. When I wear it, though, I can feel it. I become distractingly aware of my eyebrows in a way that is weird. I like the way it looks, but it's going to take some getting used to. Still, I'm glad to have this for bad eyebrow days. Yes, I have those. Don't look at me like that!

The Mirabella Colour Sheers lipstick applies like a lipstick, looks like a stain (think BeneTint), and feels like a super-buttery lip balm. It's made with mango butter, and it made my semi-chapped lips look smooth and healthy--major win! The color looks very dark and bright in the tube, but it's sheer, so I like the way it looks on my face. This is an item I never would've bought, because I would have expected it to be garish, so I'm so glad Ipsy sent it to me! 

I wanted to try the Zoya polish because it's free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate. Can you pronounce that? Me neither. Anyway, I thought a less toxic nail polish might dry slowly, but this dried even faster than the polish I got in last month's bag. Unfortunately, though, the sparkly baby pink polish makes me feel like Tinkerbell. It's childish; I'd have preferred the mint green or sky blue polish that other users received. But I like the formula, and now I know that Zoya is a brand to look for.

Finally, let's talk about the Urban Decay Moondust eye shadow. IT'S A SHOWSTOPPER. When I swatched it on my hand, I looked like I'd rubbed up against a disco ball. It's a neutral, champagne colored shadow jam packed with silver glitter. It's definitely not for every day, but the neutral color can be used with practically any wild eye look. Ipsy sent it with a note that said, "Thank you for being an active member of the Ipsy community. Because we appreciate the content you create and share to inspire and help members of the Ipsy community, please enjoy this brand new product from Urban Decay as a bonus in your May Glam Bag." Bloggers, take note: If you subscribe, Ipsy will show you extra love!

If you subscribe to Ipsy, what did you get this month? Do you think they customized the bag well?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Right This Second: Cool Songs, Gatsby and Art Deco Sparkle, and Toys for People Who Love Making Lists.

New York City watercolor print by SketchAway on etsy
Right now I'm crazy about the New York Rooftop Party station on Songza. It has a lot of my old favorites... Lou Reed, David Bowie, the Velvet Underground, and Yo La Tengo seamlessly mixed in with newer bands like Phoenix, Passion Pit, Divine Fits, and Alabama Shakes. Alabama Shakes were a strange choice for this mix, but no matter. Every time I hear them, I think of that magical month in 2011 when they played in Nashville, like, a dozen times. I caught almost every one of those shows. I love them!
Rhinestone Headpiece by ShopElizabethPerry on Etsy
Who isn't inspired by the 1920s right now?! I saw The Great Gatsby on Friday, and I loved the music, lush costumes, and over the top set design. As much as I appreciate historically accurate art deco design, I did love Baz Luhrman's outrageously orchid festooned, bodaciously bedazzled re-imagining of flapper style. This headband looks like something straight out of Gatsby! 

Also. During the scene where Jay showers Daisy with his clothing and it begins to look like rainbow confetti, was anyone else reminded of the scene in Spring Breakers where James Franco crows, "I have shorts in every color!!" Um, yeah. I started laughing uncontrollably because for a brief moment I imagined Leo with a big nasty grill.
Antique French Game Board Print from inkpainter on Etsy
If you've ever watched someone play video games for hours and days and years and thought If he improved himself in real life as much as he improves his character, he'd be a super-fit millionaire Ph.D by now, then you've probably wished there was a way to turn real life into an RPG. Now someone has done it! In the last two months, I've become completely addicted to HabitRPG

You simply enter in the things you want to do on a regular basis, like take vitamins or read a book for half an hour or work out for an hour. You also enter things you don't want to do, like eat junk food. You can set tasks to be done every day, or only on certain days of the week. When you do the awesome stuff, you check if off your list, earn points, and eventually level up. When you do the less awesome stuff--be honest!--you lose health. At the end of the day, you also lose points for the healthy tasks you didn't complete. You can enter one-time chores on a separate list, and earn points when you complete those, too.

For an obsessive list-maker like me, it adds an element of fun to my daily chore list. I'm using the principles I learned in the book Switch: How to Change When Change Is Hard to make difficult tasks easier to complete: I'm breaking each job down into very small, specific tasks. For example, "clean the bathroom," can sound overwhelming, and it doesn't provide much direction. It's better to break the job down into specific tasks, like clean the bathroom mirror, wipe down the vanity, put fresh towels out, etc. And it works! I'm beginning to develop better habits. My bathroom has never been so clean, my laundry pile has never been so small, and I haven't forgotten to take my vitamins in weeks.

Have you played it? I'd like to talk to someone else who is using HabitRPG to see what kind of things other people use it for!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Handmade Felt Wedding Bouquets Look Like a Fondant Confectionery Dream Come True!

Here's a little preview of my wedding flowers! I took on a huge project when I decided to make my wedding flowers by hand, but I absolutely love it. I've made about 60 flowers so far. The more I make, the prettier they get. My maid of honor says they remind her of frosting or some other edible confection. Mmm, that's exactly the look I'm going for! It's been so much fun to come up with my own designs. 
If you craft a lot, you probably recognize the rosebuds and chrysanthemums. They're fairly standard felt flowers, and they're very quick and easy to make. I use them as filler, and they make up about 2/3 of the bouquet. The real showstoppers are the heart daisy and pansy. They take longer to make, but they're very special. The loose petals on the pansy give the bouquets a touchable, unstructured look. And the petals on the heart daisy are so full and lush--each flower has 16 hand-cut petals. The lazy daisy is another filler flower, and the crazy daisy is a good way to use small scraps of leftover felt. I don't make many of those, but a few in each bouquet gives the bouquets more variety.

Best of all, when it's all done, my wedding flowers will cost $200. I ordered a 10 yard bolt of ivory colored eco felt on Etsy for $106. I bought another 2 yards of colored wool blend felt for accents from TaDaa Studio Felt for $23.50. Then I bought 432 pieces of floral stem wire from Save On Crafts for $37.

I do wish the eco felt wasn't so fake. It's made of recycled soda bottles, and the texture is like a thin sheet of fiberglass. Is isn't opaque, and it doesn't keep its shape well. Worst of all, thousands of tiny plastic fibers get into the air when I cut it. I probably shouldn't have worked on this while I had bronchitis! I set up an air filter next to my workspace, though, and that helps improve the air quality. The wool-blend felt from TaDaa Studios, on the other hand, is so luxurious. It's thick, soft, easy to sculpt into whatever shape I want, and it doesn't shed nasty fibers into the air. The eco felt was so cheap, but If I could do it over again, I'd consider splurging on a big bolt of wool-blend felt.

Overall, though, I love them. This bouquet isn't finished; I'm going to make a fabric collar and wrap the stem in the same fabric. I'll use leftovers from the fabric we're using to make table runners, to keep the look cohesive. But I just couldn't wait to share! What do you think?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mood Boards: Gray, Aqua, and Cherry Red! Vintage Meets Modern in an Open Floor Plan. Let's DIY.

My friends Wayne and Elizabeth asked me to help them come up with a cohesive design concept for their first home. Umm, what's my favorite thing to do? Of course I was glad to help! They have an open downstairs floor plan with the living room and dining room/kitchen joined together as one big, open space. They want the two spaces to flow and look good together. Elizabeth likes a casual, bright, vintage-meets-modern look that's heavy on thrifting and DIY, so it was a lot of fun to make a design concept for them. The first board shows their starting point:

They have...
  •  Vividly red cherry hardwood floors--can I say that I am so jealous of their gorgeous floors?! 
  • A fireplace with a slate tile surround, which they intend to keep as-is 
  • A super-cool vintage TV that they DIY'd to make into a storage piece. I love that thing.
  • Elizabeth just bought sleek, simple gray panels on the bay window in the living room.
  • They just painted the kitchen and dining room a beautiful gray: Cathedral Gray by Behr.
They need...
  • A paint color for the living room that won't clash with the gray in the dining room and kitchen
  • A sofa, rug, and entertainment center in the living room
  • To either DIY their existing dining furniture into something they like, or find a new dining set
  • A light fixture over the dining table
  • A non-stuffy way to store and display their wedding china in the dining area

Elizabeth and Wayne are warm, fun-loving, and not afraid of a little color. I wanted to make a design concept as vibrant and fun as they are. For living room paint, I selected Cool Jazz by Behr because I love the way the aqua pops against the red hardwood floor. Don't those colors come alive together? Then I came up with some fun sofa/rug combos for them. The gray/blue/cream options are safe, and the red/orange options are a little wild. I don't think they can go wrong with any of these!

The dining room concept gives them a chance to do some DIY. Their current dining table is a beautiful, heavy round pedestal table, but it has a very dark finish. A coat of white paint would brighten it up and help it match everything else. Thrifted chairs painted in the leftover paint used on the living room walls would look fun and tie the two rooms together. Finally, a thrifted brass chandelier + a few coats of red spray paint = AWESOME. The Habitat for Humanity thrift store always has brass chandeliers just like the one pictured. It would be such an easy and satisfying weekend project. Finally, Elizabeth is interested in using ladder style shelves to display her dishes by the dining table, and I love the idea.

Elizabeth and Wayne, I hope you like these ideas. And if any other friends want a moodboard, let me know! It was so nice to have something to do besides work on wedding plans. I spent most of Saturday working on our wedding website. The RSVP function is a bitch, and it took me hours to make it work. By the time I was done, I wanted to poke my eyes out if that meant I'd never have to see that page again! Even though wedding planning is a lot of work, we had a good weekend. 

On Friday night, we saw The Black Keys and Flaming Lips. The show was good, but the pre-show dinner was spectacular. We ate before the show at the Patron Platinum Club in Bridgestone Arena. You guys, it was so swank. The restaurant has a private entrance, so we didn't wait in line. They served a fancy buffet style dinner, with southern themed dishes made to match the night's show. The service was incredible, and when I walked through the restaurant the staff flattened themselves against the wall and made after you gestures like I was Kate Middleton or something. Then they made me a fancy drink to go and I was like Do we have to leave please please can I live here forever? See? That's a good weekend!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Why HELLO, Lovely Felt Flower Brooch.

After almost two weeks of coughing, I've finally kicked the Evil Bronchitis of Doom. A few days ago I simply decided I was so over being sick, and that was the turning point. Coincidence, or mind over matter? At any rate, I'm relieved to finally feel human again.

While I was sick, I spent most of my time sipping tea, watching Once Upon a Time, and making felt flowers. At our wedding I want to have lots of felt flowers similar to those created my Muncle Fred Art on etsy. Since I have more free time than money, I'm making my own flowers, and they look really good!

While I was at it, I made this brooch, too. It's gotten so many compliments at work, and it was super easy. I just made 3 small flowers using these instructions, glued them to a felt circle with a few leaves from a sprig of fake flowers, and glued a pin back onto the whole shebang. Voilà!

I'm looking forward to a full weekend: Tonight we're seeing the Flaming Lips and Black Keys. Saturday we're working on our super secret project. And on Sunday we're going to a backyard barbecue to celebrate a friend's birthday. What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Infographic Save the Date with a Timeline and Venn Diagram: Let's Tell 'Em When We're Getting Hitched!

Stop the presses! Hold the phone! Look at this! Our friend Stefanie designed our infographic style Save the Date, and words can't even describe how much I love it. She chose such playful fonts. They really make our story come alive! Keith and I had so much fun reminiscing about our most special times together... and the Man With the Coat story.* We made a list of events and sent them to Stefanie. Then Stefanie helped us edit our timeline to make it more cohesive and give it broader appeal. Because it's not about us, really. I want everyone else to enjoy it, too!

It's going to be on a postcard, and the back of the card lists the wedding location and date: October 5, 2013. 

HOW amazing is Stefanie?!?!?!

* I was gobsmacked-smitten I felt when I first saw The Man With the Coat at Exit/In, but over the next 9 months, his face became a hazy blur. All I remembered were the butterflies in my gut, the coat, and a shaggy haircut. I pined over The Man With the Coat all spring and summer, then started dating Keith in the fall. One night Keith showed up at my house wearing the coat, and my jaw dropped. He didn't have the same hair as The Man With the Coat... But was it him? I casually brought up the show where I first spied him. Yep, Keith was there. I casually brought up haircuts. Over the summer, Keith had cut his hair short for job interviews. I'D BEEN DATING THE MAN WITH THE COAT FOR A MONTH! I am so having a wedding portrait done wearing my bridal gown and that coat.