Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Beautiful Boudoir with a Hint of Gothic Charm

Sometimes you have to accept that something isn't working and start fresh. In my case, that applies to my bedroom. In 2009, I painted it a gray that never looked right. I tried to distract my eye from the wall color by adding vivid mustard and turquoise textiles, but it just created jarring, too-bright spots of color in an odd-looking, not-quite-gray room. It's time to start over.

This time I want to create a restful room with soft colors and the occasional offbeat, slightly gothic accessory that might've been lifted from one of Edgar Allan Poe's stories. I'm going to paint the walls Blanched Coral by Benjamin Moore (the background color on this mood board), re-cover my upholstered headboard with brown linen, sew pillow covers from the two printed fabric swatches you see on the board, and sew black pom pom trim on the white curtains to copy the Toorie curtain from Anthropologie. I'll keep my cream matelasse bedspread, black painted furniture, and crystal lamps. I don't want to totally scrap everything I have.

I lusted after the fabric at Textile Fabrics last weekend, but I was afraid the fabric would be too girly for Keith. He was with me, so I led him toward it. Before I could point out my choice to him, he stepped in front of me, picked up the one on the left, and said, "I like this one!" WIN. I showed him the coordinating birdcage fabric, and he nodded. It figures that he'd like it--our first conversations were about Neil Gaiman

Speaking of Mr. Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane comes out in less than three weeks--and we already have our tickets to hear him speak at the War Memorial Auditorium in July. I haven't seen him live in almost 8 years, and I'm beyond excited!

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