Monday, May 6, 2013

Mood Boards: Gray, Aqua, and Cherry Red! Vintage Meets Modern in an Open Floor Plan. Let's DIY.

My friends Wayne and Elizabeth asked me to help them come up with a cohesive design concept for their first home. Umm, what's my favorite thing to do? Of course I was glad to help! They have an open downstairs floor plan with the living room and dining room/kitchen joined together as one big, open space. They want the two spaces to flow and look good together. Elizabeth likes a casual, bright, vintage-meets-modern look that's heavy on thrifting and DIY, so it was a lot of fun to make a design concept for them. The first board shows their starting point:

They have...
  •  Vividly red cherry hardwood floors--can I say that I am so jealous of their gorgeous floors?! 
  • A fireplace with a slate tile surround, which they intend to keep as-is 
  • A super-cool vintage TV that they DIY'd to make into a storage piece. I love that thing.
  • Elizabeth just bought sleek, simple gray panels on the bay window in the living room.
  • They just painted the kitchen and dining room a beautiful gray: Cathedral Gray by Behr.
They need...
  • A paint color for the living room that won't clash with the gray in the dining room and kitchen
  • A sofa, rug, and entertainment center in the living room
  • To either DIY their existing dining furniture into something they like, or find a new dining set
  • A light fixture over the dining table
  • A non-stuffy way to store and display their wedding china in the dining area

Elizabeth and Wayne are warm, fun-loving, and not afraid of a little color. I wanted to make a design concept as vibrant and fun as they are. For living room paint, I selected Cool Jazz by Behr because I love the way the aqua pops against the red hardwood floor. Don't those colors come alive together? Then I came up with some fun sofa/rug combos for them. The gray/blue/cream options are safe, and the red/orange options are a little wild. I don't think they can go wrong with any of these!

The dining room concept gives them a chance to do some DIY. Their current dining table is a beautiful, heavy round pedestal table, but it has a very dark finish. A coat of white paint would brighten it up and help it match everything else. Thrifted chairs painted in the leftover paint used on the living room walls would look fun and tie the two rooms together. Finally, a thrifted brass chandelier + a few coats of red spray paint = AWESOME. The Habitat for Humanity thrift store always has brass chandeliers just like the one pictured. It would be such an easy and satisfying weekend project. Finally, Elizabeth is interested in using ladder style shelves to display her dishes by the dining table, and I love the idea.

Elizabeth and Wayne, I hope you like these ideas. And if any other friends want a moodboard, let me know! It was so nice to have something to do besides work on wedding plans. I spent most of Saturday working on our wedding website. The RSVP function is a bitch, and it took me hours to make it work. By the time I was done, I wanted to poke my eyes out if that meant I'd never have to see that page again! Even though wedding planning is a lot of work, we had a good weekend. 

On Friday night, we saw The Black Keys and Flaming Lips. The show was good, but the pre-show dinner was spectacular. We ate before the show at the Patron Platinum Club in Bridgestone Arena. You guys, it was so swank. The restaurant has a private entrance, so we didn't wait in line. They served a fancy buffet style dinner, with southern themed dishes made to match the night's show. The service was incredible, and when I walked through the restaurant the staff flattened themselves against the wall and made after you gestures like I was Kate Middleton or something. Then they made me a fancy drink to go and I was like Do we have to leave please please can I live here forever? See? That's a good weekend!


  1. Why didn't I know you when I first got my house?!

    I could have used some major inspiration help.

    Also, totally lurking your wedding website. Super cute!

    1. Aww, thanks! But your house is PERFECT. Really, I was so impressed by it!

  2. I feel like I will be recruiting you when I get a space to decorate. You are clearly semi pro at this. Also, I am about to stalk your wedding website as well.

  3. Can you hop a plane to Virginia & re-do my downstairs? I seriously suck when it comes to designing a space. Heck I can't even hang a picture straight if my life depended on it.
    The Black Keys & The Flaming Lips in one show? That's just heaven.


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