Monday, May 13, 2013

Right This Second: Cool Songs, Gatsby and Art Deco Sparkle, and Toys for People Who Love Making Lists.

New York City watercolor print by SketchAway on etsy
Right now I'm crazy about the New York Rooftop Party station on Songza. It has a lot of my old favorites... Lou Reed, David Bowie, the Velvet Underground, and Yo La Tengo seamlessly mixed in with newer bands like Phoenix, Passion Pit, Divine Fits, and Alabama Shakes. Alabama Shakes were a strange choice for this mix, but no matter. Every time I hear them, I think of that magical month in 2011 when they played in Nashville, like, a dozen times. I caught almost every one of those shows. I love them!
Rhinestone Headpiece by ShopElizabethPerry on Etsy
Who isn't inspired by the 1920s right now?! I saw The Great Gatsby on Friday, and I loved the music, lush costumes, and over the top set design. As much as I appreciate historically accurate art deco design, I did love Baz Luhrman's outrageously orchid festooned, bodaciously bedazzled re-imagining of flapper style. This headband looks like something straight out of Gatsby! 

Also. During the scene where Jay showers Daisy with his clothing and it begins to look like rainbow confetti, was anyone else reminded of the scene in Spring Breakers where James Franco crows, "I have shorts in every color!!" Um, yeah. I started laughing uncontrollably because for a brief moment I imagined Leo with a big nasty grill.
Antique French Game Board Print from inkpainter on Etsy
If you've ever watched someone play video games for hours and days and years and thought If he improved himself in real life as much as he improves his character, he'd be a super-fit millionaire Ph.D by now, then you've probably wished there was a way to turn real life into an RPG. Now someone has done it! In the last two months, I've become completely addicted to HabitRPG

You simply enter in the things you want to do on a regular basis, like take vitamins or read a book for half an hour or work out for an hour. You also enter things you don't want to do, like eat junk food. You can set tasks to be done every day, or only on certain days of the week. When you do the awesome stuff, you check if off your list, earn points, and eventually level up. When you do the less awesome stuff--be honest!--you lose health. At the end of the day, you also lose points for the healthy tasks you didn't complete. You can enter one-time chores on a separate list, and earn points when you complete those, too.

For an obsessive list-maker like me, it adds an element of fun to my daily chore list. I'm using the principles I learned in the book Switch: How to Change When Change Is Hard to make difficult tasks easier to complete: I'm breaking each job down into very small, specific tasks. For example, "clean the bathroom," can sound overwhelming, and it doesn't provide much direction. It's better to break the job down into specific tasks, like clean the bathroom mirror, wipe down the vanity, put fresh towels out, etc. And it works! I'm beginning to develop better habits. My bathroom has never been so clean, my laundry pile has never been so small, and I haven't forgotten to take my vitamins in weeks.

Have you played it? I'd like to talk to someone else who is using HabitRPG to see what kind of things other people use it for!

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  1. i love the idea of habit rpg! i'm signing up right now!


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