Friday, May 31, 2013

Vintage Scientific Illustrations + Art Nouveau Style = Eugène Séguy.

I just discovered the work of Eugène Séguy (1890 - 1985), and I'm so enamored. Séguy was a French entomologist and designer whose work marries educational science prints and art. Who says science and creativity can't go together? Séguy illustrations represent the insects faithfully, but with distinctive style and heavy Art Nouveau influences. They almost look like jewelry, don't they? Séguy's designs were translated into Art Deco style textiles, too. A scientist turned fabric designer?! He sounds fascinating, but I can't find much biographical info on him.

moths or butterflies?
It's been a pleasantly quiet week: I've been reading and sunbathing, making flowers for the wedding and brewing up a big pot of soup, snuggling with the dogs, and directing traffic at the library. Okay, that last part hasn't been quiet at all. The first week of the Summer Reading Program has turned my library into a circus.  I need this weekend to rest and recharge. What are you doing this weekend? My plans involve friends, boats, cold drinks, and lots of sunshine. See you next week!


  1. What beautiful artwork, thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend :)

    What Lola Wants

  2. i love the one with the flies...and I pretty much hate flies normally. The color combos are magic.

  3. wow— these are incredible! such amazing color inspiration, too. thanks for sharing these, i love them!


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