Monday, June 24, 2013

Dinosaurs! Pegasus! Bright Ideas! Decomposition Books.

Keith and I went to Parnassus Books on Saturday to pick up our copies of The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Yes, I finally have my hands on the new Neil Gaiman novel, YAY! While we were there, I spotted the gorgeous Decomposition Books line of notebooks from Michael Roger Press. If you're an old-fashioned type who likes to jot notes and actually write your to-do lists, these are notebooks you can feel good about using. They're made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper processed without chlorine and printed with soy ink, so you can recycle them again. Aren't they beautiful? Which one is your favorite?
Last weekend was so good. Can I tell you about it?

In no particular order:
1. Not one, but two beet and goat cheese salads
2. A snake in the water!
3. The Princess Bride
4. Swimming! But not swimming with a snake.
5. One very obscene birthday cake: "Oh my God, there's a penis on it!"
6. Cards Against Humanity and many growlers from Kay-Bob's
7. Sipping lemonade and admiring the supermoon as it rose over the lake
8. Running away from the water snake like a little girl. AHHHHHH!
9. Finding a fancy, unused calligraphy set and book at McKay's for $8.00. WIN!
10. Keith's family, my family, and some of my oldest and best friends

I'm happy about that calligraphy set. When I was a kid, someone gave me a calligraphy set for Christmas.  My Grandma said, "You can practice addressing your wedding invitations!" Umm, I was eight years old, so I was a huge brat and laughed at her. Sorry, Grandma! Later, though, I sat down and taught myself the basic calligraphy alphabet. I liked it, and I hope I can pick it up again in time to actually do what Grandma said. You win, Grandma!

Now I'm happy, tired, and about to immerse myself in The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Bye!


  1. are you going to the neil gaiman event at war memorial in a few weeks? i think we are, i'm trying to hold off buying the book until then because you get a copy with admission!

    1. Of course! I went nuts when I first heard he was coming to town, and I got my ticket the morning they went on sale. Parnassus allows ticket holders who are willing to stand in line to get their books signed pick up their books early. We were picking up the books that came with our tickets.

      I love Parnassus so much.

      (My friends who work there are probably rolling their eyes at my butt-kissery, but I really do mean it!)

  2. I LOVE THOSE COMPOSITION BOOKS! I remember having one for HS chemistry, which I hated. Using it was the only bright side of going to class. Maybe I need a fancy way to make tasks I do begrudgingly all the better

    1. It would be WAY more fun to make lists in a book covered with dinosaurs.

  3. i dear heavens, i love that light bulb one! i generally feel guilty about buying notebooks since i bind my own blank ones from old maps and pages but these are truly wonderful!

    and i'm totally jealous you have any knowledge of calligraphy! i've been wanting to learn for years— i hope you share your journey of picking it back up again!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement about re-learning calligraphy--I need it! Learning for fun is one thing, but it's intimidating to do it for a wedding.

      If you want to learn, go for it! There are TWO WHOLE SHELVES of calligraphy books at McKay's, and most of them are less than $5. It's a totally do-able thing to learn. :)


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