Monday, June 10, 2013

Dramatic, Moody Rooms Full of Glamour and Elegance

How was your weekend? Mine was a whirlwind: I caught a loud, crazy show at the Springwater on Friday with Keith. It was a night of friends, spilled beer, and laughter. On Saturday, I met up with my five of my six bridesmaids to shop for their dresses. I was so thrilled to see my sisters--it's rare that we're all on the same continent, let alone in the same place! Our shopping trip didn't turn out the way I expected, but I love what the girls chose. I'll tell you more about it later--promise! On Sunday, I worked on a knitting project, walked the pups through a dazzling cloud of fireflies, and admired the dark, elegant work of interior designer Todd Yoggy. Look!

Oak Lane home: Distressed leather, dark wood fireplace, and bottle green draperies.

Oak Lane home: Bottle green walls, velvet sofa, and crisp white trim.

Oak Lane home: White matelasse bedspread, black lampshades, and stark black and white contrast.
On the surface, it's not the most, um, attainable look. But there are so many things here that even budget-conscious decorators can do. It would be easy to channel this glamorous look with bottle green or bright white paint and a bit of animal print or velvet. Switching white curtains for dark, dramatic draperies isn't hard. Changing out beige lampshades in favor of black ones, or adding a finial to a lamp, wouldn't be very difficult. And most of us hang our art in intentional disarray. But hanging it in neatly aligned rows with matching frames looks so classic (and it would probably be much simpler). What do you think of these rooms? Are they too dark and somber? Or do you like a traditional look with a touch of moodiness?


  1. Ooh so moody! I love it :) Dark walls are so hard to pull off, but this looks gorgeous!

    1. Something about dark walls makes me want to curl up with a good book!


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