Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 2013 Ipsy Bag: On the Wild Side

For those of you just tuning in, Ipsy is a beauty subscription service. For $10 a month, Ipsy sends 4 - 5 surprise beauty products to your door in a cute cosmetics bag. They even mail it in a shiny hot pink envelope! Seeing that envelope in my mailbox always makes me dance around like a little kid. If you don't want to get in a beauty rut, Ipsy is for you.

It's Ipsy bag time! This month's review is late, because honestly, I wasn't sure what to do with some of this stuff. This bag's theme is "On the Wild Side." I suppose I"m not wild enough, because I have no clue what to do with false eyelashes and body glitter! The value breakdown is very good, though. Take a look:

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Natural: $6.00
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil: $18.00
J. Cat Beauty false eyelashes: $3.99
J. Cat Sparkling Cream Palette in Volta: $4.49
Starlooks lip pencil in Tipsy: $12.00

Ipsy Price: $10.00

Ipsy recently started customizing the items in our bags bags using our beauty quiz results. Three items in this month's bag were sent to all subscribers, and two items were matched to us based on our personal preferences. They still have a long way to go, but I can see what they were trying to do.

All Ipsy subscribers received a NYX blush, and they chose a color for us based on our quiz results. The cream blush I got is very blendable and delivers a subtle, natural-looking flush. It might be too subtle for some makeup lovers, but I like it precisely because of its subtlety. Lately I've been wearing highly pigmented Be a Bombshell blushes, and I needed something more natural-looking.

All subscribers also got a Starlooks lip pencil. The product itself has a creamy formula that applies smoothly and is long-lasting. Unfortunately, the pale coral color is too bright and light for my skin tone. It makes me look like a child playing dress-up with Mommy's makeup! I wish I could wear this, but I can't.

Finally, all subscribers received a body glitter palette from J. Cat Beauty. This is the big WTF item. It's basically Vaseline with big chunks of glitter in it. REALLY? I don't know any post-college, adult woman who would wear this, except perhaps on Halloween. Or if she was a burlesque dancer. Which I am NOT. It might be pretty on the eyes at parties, but the online warnings explicitly say not to use it in the eye area. This is useless.

Ipsy sent me a Chella highlighter pencil based on my quiz results, and I love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I've used it every day since I received it, and I'll buy another when it runs out. Swipe it on your waterline, at the inner corners of your eye, and directly below your brows. It does what Benefit products promise to do: It makes you look better without making you look like you're wearing a ton of makeup. People will ask if you got a fantastic night of sleep, or if you just fell in love!

Finally, I got a set of false eyelashes. Really? Really? I subscribed to Ipsy to get out of my comfort zone beauty rut, and ohboy, this item does precisely that. I'm not opposed to wearing them, but I haven't had the right occasion yet, so I can't comment on their quality. However, I do know that the eyelash adhesive is black--and I love that. I've used fake eyelashes with thick white glue that did not dry invisibly, and it looked like eye boogers. EW. I imagine that this will make you look like you're wearing black liquid liner. WIN!

This isn't the best bag I ever received, and none of the brands stood out to me, but I'm wearing the blush regularly, and I REALLY love the Chella highlighter. Ipsy received a lot of flack on the forums for the trashy body glitter, so I don't think we'll be getting anything like that again--thank goodness!  Overall, I think Ipsy is just going to keep getting better. What did you get in your bag this month?


  1. I even tried (on a night when I wasn't planning on leaving the house for any reason) to experiment with the body glitter for posterity's sake and it was chunky and gross and didn't spread evenly. There were just thick patches of what looked like shiny dirt. HATED SO MUCH.

    1. What you said. One night I applied the gold glitter to my collarbones, just to see if it might be a pretty highlighter with a strapless dress, and it was a horrible, smeary mess. Like a disco ball threw up on me. HATE.

  2. I got an amazing black gel eyeliner, which I definitely loved. It has really cool packaging so the tool is attached to the gel--I loose the tiny tools all the time! The body glitter I didn't know what to do with really--it isn't 1997 and I am not a cheerleader. My blush was a mosaic type and it is great. I also got Pssst! dry shampoo, which I am still deciding how well it works, but I think it is overall solid. At first I thought the lip pencil--also in tipsy--was insane, but with some blotting and lip gloss it can be nice.

    1. Oh wow, you got a gel eyeliner? That sounds great. I probably would have gotten more use out of that than the eyelashes. *sigh*

      I'll have to try the lip pencil again.

  3. That highlighter pencil sounds incredible! Yeah I agree though, most normal adult women should just steer clear of body glitter. When I worked in the beauty section of Victoria's Secret after college, I was stupefied by the sheer volume of women who were 40+ who were buying glitter products aimed at 17 year olds in bulk!

    1. Really? 40+ women buying glitter makeup? I'm not opposed to a little shimmer around the eyes, but anywhere else I consider it to be a HUGE no-no.

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