Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretty Papers for Ladies in Love

It's finally happened: I've reached my wedding planning threshold. There are simply too many options! The choices are dizzying, and they eventually become paralyzing. It's true that people react poorly when they have too many choices, and this fascinating article describes the phenomenon: "Overabundance of choice seemed to freeze shoppers' decision-making skills... Your search for the better might be making your life worse."

The article focuses mostly on dating, and I'm not interested in searching for a man other than Keith. But my search for wedding invitations needs to end now--it's only making me crazy! I love the idea of purchasing a customized suite of coordinated designs for paper goods--from invitations, to programs, to thank you notes--having them printed locally, and assembling the invitations myself. Your paper goods can be as luxurious or as economical as you like, depending on your choice of paper and printing methods! 

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the Vintage Botanical Wedding Invitation by 3EggsDesign
The Botanical Bird Wedding Invitation set by 3EggsDesign is just as good, though! How's a bride to decide?
The Rustic Bird Wedding Invitation by KayleighDuMond is perfect for those who want a simpler, more modern option.
Not getting married? Who cares! Buy a year of pretty cards from KayleighDuMond.
I think we're actually going to choose a simpler design and dress it up with some DIY touches. But I love these botanical illustrations so much--I'd like to frame them and hang them on my wall. But enough about wedding invitations, right? How was your weekend? 

I think I gained 10 pounds in three days, and I don't even care because I feel so happy and loved. Keith treated me to a luxurious date night at Table 3 on Friday. Their pink starfish cocktail tastes like a mermaid's kiss--it's so salty and strange! I love it. Then my entire family got together for my sister's birthday celebration at Etch and a walk on the Shelby Street Bridge on Saturday. And on Sunday, we had a Father's Day get-together at the lake house with mountains of hot chicken from Hattie B's and a few sidesplitting games of Exquisite Corpse. Last week I was a frazzled ball of wedding planning nerves. But after all the hugs and kind words shared over the weekend, I can't stop smiling! It was so hard to say goodbye to my sisters today.


  1. These are really lovely cards! So much like a painting! Any one who'd receive them would sure be pleased.


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