Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quite Contrary - How Does Your Garden Grow? Wedding Flowers That Aren't.

Wedding, wedding, wedding. Just when all the planning started to feel overwhelming and scary, it got fun again. Yesterday I met with my florist, Elaine McCord. Even though I'm making bouquets for me and the bridesmaids, I need some help with centerpieces. Elaine is even going to use some of my felt flowers in the centerpieces to bring it all together--how cool is that?! To be honest, I'm not crazy about big bunches of froufrou flowers, but I love fiddlehead, lotus seed pods, and lamb's ear. Yes, those are their actual names! Now that I've seen them, I'm excited about our floral arrangements. I feel so contrary; my favorite flowers aren't flowers!

Whether you call them fern curls, fiddleheads, or monkey tails, they remind me of Tim Burton.
And I find them quite compelling. As seen at the Chicago Bridal Fair.
Frosty succulents juxtaposed with dark, woody lotus seed pods arranged by Selena Bond, as seen on Ruffled.
Velvety lamb's ear leaves and berries arranged by European Flower Shop, as seen on Style Me Pretty.

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