Monday, June 3, 2013

Wall Sconces? How Electrifying.

So last night, Keith and I were walking the dogs while I chattered about my bedroom redecorating project: "Tomorrow I'm going to buy paint samples and fabric. I wish we could install wall sconces in the bedroom. There are outlets on each side of the bed, but I don't like the sconces with cords the hang down the wall." Keith says, "Since there are outlets right there, I could install real, hardwired sconces." UM, WHAT?!

I was incredulous. "You can install sconces?" He shrugged, as if we were discussing a simple task like, I dunno, tying shoelaces or boiling water. "Yeah, I can do that." I should have known this about Keith: He designs circuits for fun. Still, I was so impressed. Wall sconces, here I come! I love these sconce-bedecked bedrooms, and I'm hoping to do something similar.

I love the neutral colors, matelasse bedspread, and subtle blush color on the walls.
It's a little fussy, though. I'd like to add a skull or something playful to punch it up. From Houzz.
I love the black and white floral on the walls and pillows! This easily could've become
grandmotherly, but the graphic letter C and the owl doll keep it fresh.  From Houzz.
I love the stark contrast, moody painting, statement chandelier, and ruffled pillowcases.
This is the sort of room I admire but could never recreate, because I don't have this much
restraint when it comes to color. But oh, I love it. From Houzz
I prefer adjustable, swing-arm sconces. And that's not just because they're called library sconces! Ideally, I'd like something in oil-rubbed bronze with a vintage-industrial look and accordion-folding arms. But first, paint! And then reupholstering the headboard, re-covering the pillows, and editing all the stuff in there. Ugh, so much stuff.

Discovering Keith's secret identity as an electrician wasn't the only great thing about the weekend: On Friday, Keith treated me to a delicious dinner at Silly Goose. Their honey beet ice cream is incredible, so earthy and sweet. On Saturday, I got up early to lazily float down the Duck river with beer in hand kayak down the richest river in varieties of freshwater animals on the North American continent. That sounds really pretentious, so let's not attibute those words to me. Let's attribute them to The Nature Conservancy! Even though we got caught in rain for the last 15 or so minutes of the day, I came home blissed out on sunshine and friends, and ready to begin new creative projects.


  1. That's so handy! It's nice to have such a resourceful fiancee

  2. I love the sconces inspiration! That last room is my fave.

    What Lola Wants

  3. That sounds like my boyfriend and I! Gotta appreciate how much they humour us :) I love the idea of wall sconces, especially since he can even make them for you.


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