Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIY Book Safe Remote Control Holder

Remember that book safe I told you I was going to make? It wasn't just idle chatter--I did it! Keith likes to carry the remote control around the house like a little kid with a pacifier, no joke. I can never find it, and I'm hoping this helps. Best of all, the project was easy, and I love the way it turned out.

The instructions at Country Living are very straightforward, but these extra hints might help:

1. When you look for a book for this project, be absolutely SURE you're choosing a large enough book! The Playstation remote is a lot longer than I realized. I grabbed a few other books to use for our other remotes, and they were too small. Back to the drawing board.

2. When gluing the pages together, it helps to thin the glue with a very small amount of warm water.

3. When you begin cutting the hole for the remote control, round off the edges. I began with squared-off edges, but as I cut deeper, it was impossible to maintain the squared-off shape.

Since the other books I was going to use were too small, I have some extra books sitting in my craft basket.
What should I do with them? Have you seen any other good book crafts lately?


  1. What about cutting a smaller book to be a bedside smartphone holder? Keeps it out of sight and won't wale you up when it lights up, but you'd still hear it for an alarm. Cut a hold through all the pages to allow a charger to pass through. :)

  2. that is genius! The remote is one thing I lose on the daily...this would be so handy.

  3. i keep a hollowed out book on my nightstand table for uhhh. . . to keep things in. you know, adult things like glasses or bobby pins or tylenol or pocket change or jewelry i forget to remove or whatever unsightly or extremely personal things you wouldn't want others seeing/finding ;-)

    we have three remote (because reasons) and keep them in a vintage wooden bos on the coffee table otherwise i would totally be using this idea. we also keep our coasters in a cute cookie jar on the coffee table but another hollowed out book would work well (i'm all about hollowed out books!).

    1. Great idea! I better make sure it is a boring book!

    2. Haha, those pauses are priceless. :D

      This is a great idea. Maybe I'll use the remaining books to make a holder for our coasters.


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