Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Green With Envy Over Chartreuse

I only have a moment to spare this morning before I rush off to a really crazy and exciting emergency management exercise at work. Let's just say that during the pre-exercise briefing last week, I learned the word moulage. Have you ever heard of that? Yeah, it's going to be an interesting day at work!

Before I run off and go apply mock injuries to random strangers, though, I wanted to show you these pictures. There's something about that poisonous acid green that calls to me. That one pop of color brings these otherwise neutral rooms to life. Not to mention that marble topped table, the chandelier over the cognac leather sofa... WOW.

Yes, the pictures from Rebekka and Manley's house tour are a year old, and you might have seen them before. But I have so much respect for the woman who decorated that room.  Go (re)visit the house tour, and admire her adorable gray cat and painstakingly hand-stamped bumblebee wall.

Rebekka and Manley's home in East Nashville
Chartreuse table with marble top, as seen on The Bella Cottage
Rebekka and Manley's home in East Nashville
I love neutral colors with a bright pop of chartreuse.
What color would you pair with chartreuse? 

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  1. i love it with a peachy pink! or simply with mustard, too!


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