Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Neil Gaiman Day!

Neil Gaiman speaks in Nashville tonight, and I've been waiting months for this day years to hear him speak again. To celebrate, I'm going to repost the hilariously giddy (and greatly abridged) journal entry I wrote immediately after seeing Neil Gaiman on October 2, 2005. Why? Because it amuses me! I hope it makes you laugh, too:

Today Holly and I saw NEIL GAIMAN speak at the L.A. Book Fair. He was scheduled to speak at 2:00, and since we wanted to be thisclose to him we grabbed front row seats at the 1:00 panel. It was called Scissors, Paper, Rock: Postmodern Writing and Music. We wouldn't have missed it anyway.
[A long description of Rob Roberge and the panel follows.] 

After the PoMo panel was over, Holly and I stubbornly kept our choice seats as the tent filled up. We waited. We waited. Strangers gave us stinkeye for staking out the best seats in the tent. AND THEN NEIL GAIMAN CAME OUT!

He was wearing The Leather Jacket, which was unnecessary in the heat but endearing. Holly was giddy, and that was a treat for me because she never acts like that. I crossed my arms, pulled a blase face, and pretended that I wasn't about to jump up and down and squeal. I was overflowing with happiness. Neil Gaiman could actually see my face; my enthusiasm was going to embarrass me!

Mr. Gaiman mesmerized us for a solid hour with his charming accent. He told us secrets, and he told us where to find the easter eggs. He told funny stories about writing, explained why blogging is important to writers, and he talked about the fans' hilarious expectations of him.

In case you're wondering, he does not speak in iambic pentameter.

When he talked about the "beautiful women" who make him feel old by telling him that they've been reading his books since seventh grade, every woman in the tent grabbed her friends' arms and screeched. Um, yes... Even me and Holly. He was talking about us, right?

Afterward, Holly shook his hand while I hung back shyly, and then we walked around in a sunshiny post-Neil Gaiman haze. I bought FABLES: Legends in Exile, Y: The Last Man [Little did I know that it was about to become my favorite graphic novel EVER], and a novel about gay vampires. The sequel, due out in spring, is about gay werewolves!

Me and Holly: "Yay! We like gay! Boy-on-boy is the new girl-on-girl!"
[Note: At the time I was taking and thoroughly enjoying a class called Gay Male Literature; my professor was hilarious and we said that line all the time in class. I used the vampire book for my next book report.]

Holly bought pulpy goodness and had a book by Richard Hell autographed.

I stood thisclose to Janeane Garofolo, swooning and ogling her tattoos, but I was unable to speak to her. I've loved her since I was 15, and she's even more vibrant in person. But she looked so happy as Richard Hell autographed her book, and I didn't want to ruin her fangirl moment with my own fangirl moment.

How will tonight's event live up to that?! We shall see!


  1. love this! I know so many people who are there tonight and so psyched. I am embarassed to say, despite being recommended his books copious times, Ive never read his work. I need to remedy that.

    1. Do it, do it! Start with Neverwhere or Stardust. Be sure to read American Gods BEFORE Anansi Boys. The Graveyard Book is not to be missed, but I think Coraline is overrated. And don't skip the Sandman books; graphic novels are novels, too.

  2. Easter Eggs?! There was no mention of this when he spoke in Seattle! Please share. :)

  3. I got to meet Neil when he came to L.A.!
    I love that you got to hear the thunder during the reading.

    1. Ohmygosh, I LOVE the picture of you and Neil! What a cool gift.


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