Friday, July 12, 2013

House of Sea and Sun in St. Augustine... Or, What Should One Know About Staying at a B&B?

My friends and I, discussing bed and breakfasts:

California friend: "I love B&Bs. I also would love to go to Vermont. My husband's dream is to go and stick a straw in a tree and drink maple syrup."
Texas friend: "I want to wade in a cranberry bog in Cape Cod like on the juice commercial."
Me: "I just want to drink champagne in a cloud of chintz."

Obviously, we're not 100% sure what we're talking about! Have you ever stayed at a bed and breakfast? I haven't, but I've always wanted to. I imagine it involves ensconcing oneself in a cloud of damask and antiques, sipping peach Bellinis, reading novels, and nibbling Gruyere for an entire long weekend. Yes, I can do that.

Why yes, I would love to sip a mimosa on the deck while contemplating the ocean. So nice of you to ask. Source
Why the B&B talk? After all the excitement regarding Neil Gaiman and the Summer Reading Program craziness at work, I need a vacation. Keith and I are both celebrating our birthdays soon, and we decided that instead of exchanging stuff, what we really want is to go away somewhere beautiful and spend time together.

It's even a pet friendly B&B! HAHA just kidding. Source
These guys showed up on a Google image search for House of Sea and Sun, WTF?! 
He wanted to go to the ocean, and I wanted to stay at a bed and breakfast. We found the perfect place for both of us: House of Sea and Sun in St. Augustine. Woo-hoo, now I can cross "Stay at a romantic B&B" off my bucket list! House of Sea and Sun looks like someone's Great Aunt Maude's house, full of cabbage roses, damask, and Irish crystal. Seriously, we're staying in a room called The Plum Room, and it has a fainting couch.

It's SO PURPLE!!! And so tiny. Sorry about that.
It was either tiny or grainy, so I chose tiny. Source
A fainting couch with a view of the ocean. 
I may never leave.

Since the innkeepers live in the B&B, and we're essentially guests in their home, I'm curious about B&B protocol. I know it's different from staying in a hotel, but how? Any words of wisdom before we embark on our seaside adventure?


  1. i've always dreamed of staying in a b&b! chintz & gruyere— sign me up!

    1. Me, too... It's always seemed so unattainable. :-/

  2. Staying in B&B is always more comfortable than staying in hotel and with a beautiful view of sea or lake is always a dream come true destination, I hope you have enjoyed your stay.


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