Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Influenster Voxbox: Something Blue

If you're just tuning in, Influenster is a community where people write reviews of their favorite and not-so-favorite things. Basically, it's like Yelp for stuff. If the folks at Influenster likes your reviews, they'll even send you a Voxbox--a box of samples and products for you to review. This is my second Voxbox.

Last month, Influenster sent out the Something Blue box--a box of freebies and samples for brides to be. I was so curious as to what they thought engaged women need. When I opened the box, I laughed out loud: They think we're all in pain and have yellow teeth!! THANKS Y'ALL. But once I took a closer look, this stuff wasn't so bad.

Dr. Scholl's for Her shoe cushions are awesome. I've used them before, and they always turn cute high heels that could double as torture devices into perfectly comfortable shoes. I couldn't have broken in my beloved Duo boots without a pair of these.

I was fascinated by the warning on the Luster NOW! toothpaste: "If you have excess blue left on your gums after brushing, simply rinse with water for a few seconds." SAY WHAT?! Well. You've heard that lipstick with a blue undertone makes your teeth look whiter, right? This toothpaste takes that principle a step further. The thick, Smurf-blue paste deposits a very subtle blue tint on your teeth. It's not enough to make them actually look blue, just enough to make them look whiter. The effect is temporary, but it makes my teeth look ever-so-slightly whiter immediately after brushing--and this is the only paste I can say that about.

I was skeptical of the false eyelashes from Kiss Nail Dress. Would they be difficult to use? Would they make me look like Kim Kardashian? Yes to the first and no to the second! It took four tries and 10 minutes to learn how to apply them properly. The lashes were so luxurious that I wore very little other makeup, and I felt glamorous, not tacky. I wouldn't wear these for every day, but they're fun for date night.

I was confused by the pamphlet from My Trio Rings, because it's just an ad. How am I supposed to review an ad?! As far as I can tell, My Trio Rings sells very cheap bridal jewelry for men and women. They specialize in sets: A couple to buy an engagement ring, ladies' wedding band, and men's wedding band all at once. They use conflict-free diamonds, which I love. *applause* But the stones they use are on the lowest end of the color and clarity scales, and they don't list information about the quality of their cuts. Finally, here's the dealbreaker: I just don't like their designs. Almost all their designs are big honkin' diamond clusters that mimic the look of a fancy solitaire. To each her own, but that look isn't for me. I'd rather have just a simple gold wedding band than a fat knob of low-grade stones pretending to be a big fancy solitaire. They do have a few solitaire styles, but the settings are more modern than I like. Give me vintage any day!

The precision tip Q-TIPs are a disappointment. I was hoping they'd have a hard, pointy cotton tip for blending eyeliner very precisely. They're pointy, but they're just as soft and fluffy as regular Q-Tips. When I used them to blend my eyeliner, the cotton unraveled and made a big makeup mess. I won't buy these.

Finally, about the Urgent Rx headache powder... I haven't been able to use it because it contains caffeine. I haven't had any aches or pains during the day since I received this box. I usually avoid buying pain reliever with caffeine because I tend to get headaches at night. And that, in itself, says a lot: It's only useful during certain hours of the day.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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