Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's Five O'Clock SOMEWHERE: Outfitting the Bar

I've spent more time than I'd like to admit crafting our wedding registry. I thought I knew what I wanted, but then I talked to Married People Who Know. They reminded me that the items on our registry are (ideally) meant to be used and enjoyed for the rest of our lives, not just right now. Then I opened the kitchen cabinets and counted my dinner plates. THREE. I have THREE dinner plates, y'all. So I completely overhauled the registry. 

Booze not included.
One thing that didn't change at all, though, was our desire to have a beautifully outfitted bar cart. Let's all drink to that! I want sparkling Irish crystal, Kentucky bourbon, and sturdy tools neatly corralled on a gleaming silver tray. Monograms optional. No, scratch that. I love that my old monogram is the same as my new monogram. Bring on the initials... and these gorgeous things!

Dispense it! Infuse it! And oh, how it sparkles...
Speakeasy Ice Bucket: Condensation has never been prettier.
Bourbon would just taste better this way, wouldn't it?
Bar Tool Set: I don't even know how to use these. Good thing Keith does.
And it all goes right here.
Isn't it SHINY? What would you put on your bar cart? With some fresh flowers, glassware, gin, creme de Violette, Chartreuse, and a few bottles of wine, this would be so beautiful. But honestly, it's probably more "dare to dream" than "coming to a living room near you in November." But someday...

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  1. My family would totally be down for buying bar related items off a registry than dinner plates. Gorgeous stuff to look at (and drink out of).


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