Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sleeping (In) Beauty: The Prettiest Bedding

A few days ago I talked about decorating with a friend who hasn't done much to her house because she's renting. She doesn't want to sink money into a home that isn't permanent, and I totally get that. When I was renting, I only wanted to buy things that I could take with me and use in my next place. I see SO MANY Craigslist ads that read like this: "Sofa/table/chair for sale. There's nothing wrong with it, except it doesn't fit into my new apartment." OOPS.

My advice for renters: Buy good bedding! You can always take it with you. Questions of scale and proportion to rooms in future apartments aren't even an issue. No matter the size of your next rental, bedding is practically guaranteed to work there, too. But I'm biased; I absolutely love new bedspreads. You spend almost a third of you life asleep, so why not make your bed look and feel awesome? These are my favorite bedding sets for sale right now--and two of them are on our wedding registry. Can you guess which?

So girly. So dreamy. And it matches any paint color ever. Georgina Duvet from Anthropologie
I have a HUGE thing for bright floral prints on black backgrounds.
I think it comes from spending my childhood in wallpaper stores, perusing wallpaper sample books.
Cape Catherine Duvet Cover by Ralph Lauren (SERIOUSLY ON SALE right now!)
Ooh, FRINGE! Garden Vine Chenille Bedspread from Plow & Hearth
Is it paisley? Is it damask? Do I care? Celeste Damask Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn
Matelasse is ridiculously luxurious and matches everything.
King Charles Matelasse Coverlet from Sears
Hardly anything changes the look of a bedroom faster than new bedding. Sure, paint does the job. But  I think painting is hard, and it usually involved picking dried paint out of my hair for the next two weeks. Whereas re-making the bed is easy. I LIKE EASY. What's your favorite way to quickly change the look of an entire room? And do you have different advice for renters who want to spruce up their places?


  1. You know, I think a lot of people shy away from white bedding because they think it's tough to keep clean... but on the contrary, it's the reason hotels all use white bedding! It's so bleachable! :)

    We're on the hunt (okay, I'M on the hunt) for some modern and more gender-neutral bedding. I've got the girliest bedspread around, and the man doesn't seem to mind, but I want to switch it up. He just wants it to be comfy, haha. Our bedroom set is white, so I want to go with more colors/patterns.

    But if I had my pick, I'd buy the set in your first photo!

  2. Paisley and fringe! Be still my heart


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