Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Are Awesome! More Engagement Photos with Aaron Yung Photography

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words regarding our first set of engagement pictures! I'm so glad you like them. Since the reaction was so good, I'll keep 'em coming. After we finished shooting at the Shelby Street Bridge, we hopped in Aaron's car and drove to a graffiti wall near Mercy Lounge that Aaron suggested. I'd never seen it, but I immediately liked it--especially the part of the wall that says YOU ARE AWESOME. HOW perfect is that?!

All photos by Aaron Yung Photography.

 photo j26k-78-2646025617-O_zps481e6310.jpg
This is my favorite one.
 photo j26k-66-2646024525-O_zps2c56c6b8.jpg

 photo j26k-73-2646025323-O_zpsf0eee7ed.jpg

 photo j26k-75-2646025393-O_zps7d600121.jpg
Except this is ALSO my favorite one!
 photo j26k-67-2646025093-O_zpsbcc36d3f.jpg

 photo HeadonShoulder_zps1e81ce7f.jpg

I learned two things from this portion of the photo shoot: Bring a practical pair of shoes, and wear LOTS of bug spray for an outdoor engagement shoot! We scrambled down a small embankment to get to the wall, and without my Clarks, I probably couldn't have gotten down there without falling. Once we were down there, the bugs were BAD. When we weren't posing, we were slapping at mosquitoes. We only stayed there a few minutes, but I LOVE the shots we got here.

You're probably getting sick of our faces, so I promise: Tomorrow's installment is the last!


  1. I love the mix of hard and soft here. You and Keith looks so timeless and romantic and you are up against this backsplash of something modern and hard. I love it. It works.

  2. Just proving to everyone you didn't have garlic and onions? Kidding. You guys are lovely and look lovely in love.


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