Friday, August 9, 2013

House of Sea and Sun in St. Augustine

I've been remiss: We've been back from Saint Augustine for nearly a week, and I still haven't told you about our trip. We needed a respite from wedding planning. Did you know that wedding vendors practically stalk the betrothed? It's TRUE! If you ever get engaged, you should immediately buy fake mustaches and change your phone number so you can hide from them. Since we didn't do that, we escaped to Florida for a few days to hide out and celebrate our birthdays.

Keith treated me to the best welcome: Champagne, flowers, strawberries, and cheese!
Also, I have no idea who the girl in the framed photo is; I had fun imagining all kinds of crazy stories about her.
We spent four nights in the Plum Room at House of Sea and Sun, a romantic oceanside bed and breakfast that specializes in wedding packages. Love was in the air; they hosted two--yes, TWO!--weddings in the four days we were there. So much for escaping from wedding stuff!

From the moment we arrived and I saw the champagne bucket that Keith had arranged in advance, I felt so at home there. The innkeeper had three little dogs, and two of them were Pomeranians--it really was like being at home, minus the obligation to pick up dog poop. WIN! I wish I'd taken pictures of the dogs; they were much smaller than our poms and so cute.

This is a picture of me on a purple velvet fainting couch. Why?
Our very purple room was on the ground floor, with sliding glass doors that led straight to the ocean. I sunned, collected shells, and read Mistborn. Keith waded deep into the water and battled the waves. We both marveled over the tide pools full of live coquina clams. The Castillo de San Marcos and the (possibly haunted) St. Augustine Lighthouse were cool, but the best parts of our vacation were the simple, quiet moments spent on the beach. 

It was so, so easy to go from our room to the beach and back from our ground floor room. To anyone considering a stay at House of Sea and Sun, I recommend either the Plum Room or the Safari Room; both open directly onto the back porch, which is right on the beach path. Unlike the folks in the upstairs rooms, you won't have to traipse up stairs and through a living room full of fancy antiques while covered in sand and seawater and wondering if you have a bathing suit wedgie. Yeah, AWKWARD.

LIZARD PARKING. There were so many lizards in St. Augustine, I bought a silver lizard charm to commemorate this trip.
The dining room overlooked the ocean, and every morning we enjoyed coffee served in pretty china cups and a delicious home-cooked breakfast with some of the best secret-recipe hot sauce I've ever had. It was fun talking to the other guests at breakfast and getting advice on where to eat dinner, too. Hint: Go to The Gourmet Hut for lunch (it was the cheapest meal we had, but my favorite!), the Barley Republic Irish Public House for lunch or dinner, and visit Gypsy Cab Company at dinnertime. Skip Purple Olive--it tasted good, but we both left with stomachaches.

One of my favorite women once told me, "If I'd vacationed with my first two husbands before we were married, I never would've agreed to marry them." Ouch! While we were in St. Augustine, Keith and I learned that we can vacation together, just the two of us, quite well. Break out the cake--we're ready to get married!

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