Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July 2013 Ipsy Bag: Beach Beauty

For those of you just tuning in, Ipsy is a beauty subscription service. For $10 a month, Ipsy sends 4 - 5 surprise beauty products to your door in a cute cosmetics bag. They even mail it in a shiny hot pink envelope! Seeing that envelope in my mailbox always makes me dance around like a little kid. If you don't want to get in a beauty rut, Ipsy is for you.

Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Hairspray, 1.7 oz: $9.48
POP Beauty Pouty Pop Lip Crayon in Fuschia Flirt, full size: $4.17
Demeter Salt Air perfume oil roll on, .29 oz: $10.00
COOLA Mineral Face SPF 20 unscented moisturizer .23 oz: $4.87
BH Cosmetics California Collection eyeshadow samples: $2.50 (estimate?)

IPSY PRICE: $10.00

I'm late posting this Ipsy review, but there's a good reason for that: I was waiting to go to the beach to test the sunscreen and compare the scent of the perfume to the smell of the ocean. I didn't want to review them without really putting them to the test!

The POP Beauty Pouty Pop Lip Crayon goes on smoothly and doesn't require a sharpener, but the color is unwearable on its own. It's exactly the same color as Pepto Bismol. It's alright when it's been blotted down to nearly nothing, but why bother? And the formula is a chalky mess that settles into the cracks in your lips--not pretty. It wears so poorly, I honestly think it was manufactured to be a cheap novelty product for children, then repackaged for adults. The one good thing about it is that it somehow heals dry, chapped lips. I wish it wasn't ugly, so I could wear it!

I was so excited about the Demeter Salt Air perfume oil. I've never actually used Demeter products but I've wanted to try them for YEARS. They make a book scent!!! I normally wear spicy gourmand scents, not fresh scents, but this smells fantastic straight out of the bottle. Very fresh, with a sharp salt tang and a hint of soap. On me, the salt smell wears off quickly, leaving the smell of sunscreen behind. It's not my favorite, but I keep reapplying it because it smells like vacation, and the smell evokes good feelings.

I wore the COOLA sunscreen on my face at the beach. I didn't get burned, and I didn't get zits, so WIN. But it's not for every day: It's a thick, white titanium dioxide-based formula, so made me look 3 shades paler than I really am. I had a 19th century chic pallor on the beach! But it's perfect for the beach, pool, and outdoor activities because it does prevent burns.

The BH Cosmetics eyeshadows are nice, but not extraordinary. The brown and metallic gold shadows are moderately pigmented, so they give a nice, natural look that is very work-appropriate. The purple shadow is lightly pigmented, so it's more wearable than I imagined. It gives a sheer hint of purple, not a POW! IN YOUR FACE purple.

The Big Sexy Hair weather proof hairspray was not what I expected. It's NOT a spray that holds your style in place. If you want that, look elsewhere. Instead, it coats hair with something that prevents it from absorbing humidity and frizzing. Nashville is nasty-humid, so I love this. If you walk through drizzle without an umbrella, this can't help you, but it does keep your hair from pouffing all over the place on a humid summer day. I'll buy this again.

What did you get in your July Ipsy bag?


  1. Great stuff. I have always wanted to try big sexy hair. My hair tends to frizz as soon as I walk outside on a humid day. I will definitely have to try this. I actually have been using sunscreen for kids. They say its the same as regular sunscreen but without all the chemicals. I was breaking out form the other sunscreen I was using so I switched and I haven't had a problem since. You should try. Thanks for all the great reviews!

  2. I did not even know what that pink crayon was about. I really meant to ask you! I have not used the eyeshadow but I will try it now that I hear it's not too crazy. The hair spray humidy thing is amazing. I'm wearing it today!

    1. I wonder if the pencil was better in other colors. Shame the pink is so ugly!

  3. the demeter product sounds awesome. I am really picky about fragrance and like strictly clean or citrus scents, so this seems perfectly light and fun!


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