Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Wedding Invitations: Something Blue, Something New, Something DIY'd.

When Keith and I mailed our wedding invitations last month, the whole we're-getting-married thing suddenly felt even more official. Wanna see the invitations? Good! Invitations are the wedding detail I agonized over most. I've always been just a little obsessed with pretty paper: When I was a little kid, I'd even buy stationery as a vacation souvenir. Yeah, I was a weird child. Anyway, I drove myself a little crazy when I was looking for invitations. Why are there two envelopes? What's the point of an envelope liner? What's a belly band? Hint: it's not something used by pregnant women! After HOURS of online browsing, I chose this design from Invitations by Dawn.

I had very specific criteria I used to choose and write the invitations:

a) I wanted both sets of parents' names on the invitation. This is kind of a big deal for them, too. I was amazed by how many invitation templates didn't have room for both sets of parents' names.

b) I did NOT want to do the formal-but-creepy "Mr. and Mrs. Man's Name" thing. I hate that. I think it bothered my Mom that I didn't use super-formal wording, but it's just too weird to drop a woman's name simply because she's married.

c) I wanted guests to respond by e-mail instead of using response cards. I figured either I'd lose the response cards, or the postman would lose them. Either way, FAIL. Also, this saved us about $100 in postage.

d) WOW factor was important. I wanted our invitations printed on impossibly thick, luxurious paper and wrapped in such a way that they looked special. The moment people opened the envelopes, I wanted them to think Oooh, this is a big effing deal. I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount  of money, though, so I was willing to DIY the bands and forego crazy-elaborate pocket invitations.

Once I chose an invitation, I had no idea what it should say. Of course everyone knows not to say "We don't want gifts. Bring us money!" on an invitation. But did you know you should only request "the honor of your presence" if the wedding is in a house of worship? Or that you don't ask people to attend the wedding of "Jane and Bobby." You ask them to witness the marriage of Jane TO Bobby, because brides are married TO grooms. Um, me, neither! I researched the hell out of invitation etiquette here.

Once the wording was squared away, I set up an e-mail account just for receiving RSVPs. Last, I had everything printed on super-thick, incredibly luxurious paper. It's SO SWANK. Seriously, Kate Middleton probably didn't have thicker wedding invitations! And she, of course, is the ruler against which I measure all things swanky.

Unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, I didn't have an army of servants to assemble the invitations, so I DIY'd the bands to make the invitations special. Keith, my mother, and I spent six hours assembling, addressing, and embellishing the invitations with a ribbon and hand-punched paper heart. Yeah, SIX HOURS. Luckily, Dad supported the process by bringing us delicious Mexican takeout. Yay, Dad! We set up an assembly line to make the process faster, and more than half the time was spent addressing the outer envelopes. I did learn calligraphy in time to address the invitations, but I wrote so slowly that I addressed one invitation in the time it took my mother to do five. My hands were cramping by the time we finished, but I love the way they turned out.

There's just one problem: Some older guests are trying to enter the RSVP e-mail address into their browser or search engine; they don't realize it's an e-mail address. My mom's friend said, "I tried to RSVP but the website [] isn't working for me. I'm sent to a Google search for Keith Urban." This is definitely something I didn't expect, so I figured that other brides-to-be considering e-mail RSVPs might want to know.

Do you know any good stories about wedding invitations or crazy RSVP-related fiascos? I want to know!!


  1. I did pre-stamped postcard invites, precisely because of the technology barrier. You would think, in this day and age... but no. I have a friend who did RSVP to a website, and she ended up having to call 75% of her guest list because people who told her verbally they were coming assumed they didn't need to let her know officially.

    My pet peeve about RSVPs is that unless it says "Regrets Only", RSVP means Repondez, S'il Vous Plait! You have to respond yes or no. Period. Because it irks me when people don't bother to respond either way and just make an assumption. Because you know what happens when you ASSUME.

    LOVELY INVITATIONS! So pretty. Kate Middleton can eat her heart out.

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    1. Saw Melissa at balloonfest and she said the invitations are beautiful. Your hard work was worth it. Laveta

    2. Aww shucks. Thank you, Laveta! I appreciate that so much. :)


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