Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ridiculously Rich Rococo Portrait Pillows

FANCY! I have a strange fondness for antique oil portraits of women in powdered wigs and farthingales. Isn't their formality funny? It's probably because I watched Amadeus too many times when I was a child. In college, I went so far as to cut out the French Revolution paper dolls in this book, frame them, and hang them on my walls. I think I removed the Marie Antoinette doll's head, too--how droll. Ten years later, the book is selling for more then $100, and I could kick myself! The paper dolls are long gone, but I'm seriously thinking of indulging my taste for Rococo ridiculousness with one of these pillows from Zara Home. Yea or nay?
Zara Home Family Pillow
Because the family that casually poses with flags, lutes, and maps is the family that cares.
Zara Home Lady and Fan Pillow Cover
Why do I feel like this is what Lady Gaga will be wearing next year?
Zara Home Multiple Portrait Pillow Cover
This looks like a yearbook of the French Revolution.
Voted "Best Wigs Less Than 3 Feet High": Pierre and Antoinette!
Voted "Most Likely to Keep Their Heads" in 1789: Jean-Luc and Genevieve!

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