Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Setting the Table: Moonlit Garden by Lenox

A Classic Table

Scratch everything I said about not registering for nice dishes! After I wrote that, I took an honest inventory of our kitchen and found three--just three--dinner plates. I like to eat off salad plates because they make more sense for smaller portions, but Keith prefers bigger dishes. When Keith told me he wasn't exactly thrilled by my mismatched collection of white plates from Goodwill, I conceded: We needed new dinnerware.
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Right before we went on vacation, I found four perfect Lenox place settings in the Moonlit Garden pattern at T.J. Maxx for just $28 per place setting. They retail for $49 apiece! I'd been browsing dishes and china for weeks, and I'd seen the pattern online but the pictures didn't do it justice. When I saw it in person, WHAM! It was love at first sight. Look at those lush peonies! They remind me of hand-drawn antique botanical illustrations, but the palette is very modern. It's the best of both worlds.
These, too!
I went home and talked about the dishes all night. Keith wanted bigger plates now, so we went back the next day and bought all four place settings, plus a matching sugar bowl and creamer for $15 apiece. T.J. Max was fresh out of packing material that day, so I hugged the dishes on my lap all the way home and prayed that I wouldn't break anything. Luckily, no breakage... not even a chip! 
I wish they offered more serving pieces in the Moonlit Garden pattern.
You guys, eating off of real porcelain makes me feel like the Queen of England. I can actually feel the difference: The plates are lighter but stronger, and I love the crystalline clink they make when I stack them or place them on the table. This was the best T.J. Maxx find I've had in years! We're actually cooking more often, just so we have an excuse to use them. We added eight more settings to our registry, plus a few matching serving pieces. If you're currently eating off of junky old plates, and you find any deeply discounted fine china on your next shopping trip, my advice is to buy it. You won't regret it!


  1. Every girl deserves a nice set of matching dishes (I may have three myself, but who's counting).

    1. Haha, I love knowing that I'm NOT the only person who REALLY likes dishes all of a sudden. :)

  2. Hi. Do you know if TJ Maxx is called TK Maxx in the UK?? I have GOT TO get these plates!! Thankyou for your blog...love it!!! Sarah, Manchester, England. X

    1. Thank you! And yes ma'am, the two stores are the same... Although their stock is very random, and there's a good chance that the items you'll find in one store aren't the same as what you'll find in another. But it's definitely worth a try! If they don't have them, just Google "Lenox Moonlit Garden." Quite a few online stores carry these dishes.

  3. I know this is a late comment but I had to weigh in. Beauty in life does make a difference. I like a family dinner on a well set table with a tablecloth and real napkins. It soothes the mind at the end of the day and coaxes conversation. I can imagine your beautiful pattern resting on pastel cloths on sunny Spring days or on deep jewel-tones on Winter evenings. It should go well with the new crystal.


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