Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Feel Feelings.

Something old, something new, something crystal, something blue...
"I feel feelings." That's what Keith said immediately after he proposed, and it's how I feel now. They don't tell you that when you're planning a wedding, you find yourself awash in love and kindness from the unlikeliest sources. Far-flung family friends and long-lost pals pop up to wish you well, and so many wonderful memories come rushing back.

Two days ago, a gigantic box arrived on our doorstep. This thing was so big, I half expected it to contain furniture. We opened it together and found 12 gorgeous, carefully packed Waterford crystal goblets and a Waterford pitcher from Dr. and Mrs. N., old family friends in Illinois. I was so amazed by their generosity.

I've always loved them both: Mrs. N. looks like Miss America with her sky-high chestnut-colored curls and creamy porcelain skin. She is so beautiful! And she's also kind: She was so welcoming and sweet to me when I was a little girl, and I basked in her compliments. Dr. N. is still one of the funniest and most high-energy people I've ever met. Back in the 80s, he was in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest backgammon game. I shyly asked him to sign my book, and he laughed uproariously and happily obliged.

Dr. N. even helped my father build a huge playhouse in our backyard when I was seven. My earliest interior decorating projects took place in that playhouse; I remember using Mason jars, dried peas, and white paint to make faux hobnail milk glass vases. Yeah, I was into milk glass at age 7... ha! We went to the circus with Mr. and Mrs. N.'s kids and celebrated holidays at their house. Time spent with them was a really fun part of my childhood.

And now I'm going to remember them every time we use our crystal. It's funny; I almost didn't register for crystal. It's so fancy, and registering for nice things made me feel uncomfortable. I changed my mind in part because my Mom told me, "It might not fit your lifestyle now, but wedding presents aren't just for who you are now. They're for who you'll be in 50 years, too. And some people want to give you something you can call an heirloom someday." The bigger reason, though, is because my sisters and I had so much fun ping!ing Mom's crystal when we were children. And, um, let's be honest: It was pretty fun when we did it last year at Christmas, too. I imagined our kids making music with their glasses someday (Any child of Keith's will turn everything into a musical instrument!), and I knew it was a good idea. 

So I'm feeling the love. I'm full of gratitude up to my ears, uncovering long-lost happy childhood memories, imagining our future children ping!ing our crystal at Thanksgiving Dinner 2023, and realizing I already love imaginary children that don't even exist yet. This is another thing they don't tell you about planning a wedding: You'll feel a lot of feelings.


  1. They sound like a really amazing couple. I know you'll treasure those gifts always. That's good advice on your Mom's part too!

  2. What a lovely story about such wonderful people!


  3. They added beauty to your life - in more ways than one.


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