Monday, September 16, 2013

Pinehurst House in Yorkshire England

Have you heard about Pinehurst House, the incredible time capsule in Yorkshire? An abandoned 40 bedroom mansion in Harrogate, Yorkshire England was recently sold... and for more than a quarter of a century, no one set foot there. It was one of three homes owned by Sir Dhunjibhoy Lady Bomanji, aristocrats born in India. They were high society figures and friends of royalty during the Downton Abbey era. They used the home from the 1920s until Lady Bomanji died in 1986, at which point it was abandoned. Her daughter inherited the home, but never used it, and it was completely untouched for 27 years. 

I'm not going to show you any pictures of it, because Getty Images owns all the pictures I've found of Pinehurst. I've heard that if you reblog a Getty image they'll track you down and eat your soul. And that would hurt. So instead of sharing images of Pinehurst, I'm sharing some tantalizing images of other abandoned and derelict places. To see Pinehurst, go here. 

The Grand Library - Photograph by James Charlick and for sale on Etsy
Pinehurst House walks a strange line between looking exactly like Downton Abbey in some pictures, and like a Restoration Hardware catalog in others. The black and white bathroom tile, white subway tile backsplash, and ornate white bathroom sinks look so current! But the morning room, with its elaborate ceiling and chandelier, looks like the perfect spot for Lord and Lady Grantham to take their morning coffee. And the servants' bell call system is straight out of the Downton kitchen.

Manor View - Photo by James Charlick of Derelict Photography and for sale on Etsy
It makes me so happy to know that the home is going to be used as a residence once again... and that there are secret, untouched places of beauty in the world waiting to be found. Here's the best part: The contents are being auctioned off in 446 separate lots. Drool over the Christian Dior vintage stockings, about a billion dainty beaded evening bags and gloves, Irish linens unused and in their original packaging, antique silver, porcelain, china, and so much more. See it all here.


  1. Wow!! Just imagine being able to sift through all the belongings in that beautiful house, I think I could spend a lifetime dreamily exploring and enjoying... those pictures made my mind race :) I wouldn't mind living in Yorkshire, either! Hello from Coryographies :)

  2. First of all, I cannot even fathom the concept of a 40 BEDROOM home! Wow. It looks so interesting. I love seeing photos of abandoned places, but they're not usually as regal looking as this place. The luggage collection was especially interesting!

  3. Wow! Some of those auction lots are just blowing my mind. Would love to be able to see this place in person - though it's so large, I might need to take lunch in the middle.

  4. Drooling over that library even if it is in disarray. What a dreamy estate..... (sigh)


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