Friday, October 4, 2013

Hello, WarLock Manor! Or, Meet the New and Improved Shock the Bourgeois.

I'm getting married tomorrow, and there are no words for how excited I am. So instead of discussing that, I'm going to point your attention toward a completely different piece of happy news: My favorite blogger is back, and I'm thrilled! I told Keith, "The internet is giving me a wedding present."
Dark walls and classic lines, as seen at Shock the Bourgeois
I discovered Elizabeth's former blog, One Must Shock the Bourgeois, in mid 2010. I quietly followed like, um, a shy person who is shy, never commenting much but greatly admiring her style and restraint. She embraces an aesthetic I don't see anywhere else: She has a very traditional, classic style, which she embellishes with touches of gothic glamour. Think Ballard Designs meets jeweled skulls and strange but beautiful cabinets of curiosity.
Elizabeth at Shock the  Bourgeois' cabinet of curiosity
I thought she was wonderfully sophisticated: Everyone else was into kitsch and Mid-Century, while she eschewed the trends and went for classic glamour with a gothic twist. She makes jewelry and enjoys tablescaping, too, which is something I'd never even heard of until I read One Must Shock the Bourgeois. The idea of setting a beautiful table really took hold in my mind when we got engaged, and I went through her old posts to get ideas for our wedding registry.
A beautiful place setting from Shock the Bourgeois
Elizabeth abruptly stopped blogging in early 2012, with no dramatic flounce... just radio silence. She continued tweeting, mostly pictures of cats, but I missed her interior design updates. So I was THRILLED when she recently tweeted that her new blog would be live on October 3! The new blog is called War-Lock Manor, a clever combination of her surname and that of her husband. It looks like they've been busy making a brick Tudor their own, and they're going to "open the doors" to various rooms online in the coming weeks. Bookmark the blog now. You won't regret it.
Mood Board by Elizabeth as seen on Shock the Bourgeois
I'm not going to be blogging for a while, and in my absence I hope you enjoy exploring Elizabeth's nuanced aesthetic. Wedding festivities begin in earnest this afternoon, and I'll be back soon with a new name and husband! Please wish us luck.


  1. Best of luck and congrats to you and Keith in advance!

  2. Oh many felicitations!!! I hope your day was wonderful and you enjoyed every bit of it with your loved ones.

  3. I just discovered your blog and i love it! Some really accessible projects here :) Congratulations on your wedding! (Zane, from Manila, Philippines)


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