Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let Them Eat Wedding Cake.

Sweets aren't really my thing, and one of the few wedding details I didn't think about very much was our wedding cake. Immediately after we got engaged, someone asked me what kind of cake I wanted. I said, "One with parakeets on top." That's all I cared about. So I'm surprised that I ended up loving our cake so much. It was made by Becker's Bakery, and I walked into their shop about two months ago and told them I needed a cake. "What kind of cake?" they asked. "Umm... a wedding cake?" I was so clueless! 

I flipped through their portfolio and quickly realized I like simple cakes that actually look like there might be some food under all the icing. The book shaped cakes were tempting, but I skipped the artistic shapes and scary food coloring. Instead, I chose something more classic. Our florist, Elaine McCord, decorated the cake with fresh flowers and leaves. I think she did a wonderful job! Of course, the parakeets are my favorite part. Normally, the blue one sits on top of my monitor at work, and the green one sits in Keith's cubicle. 

There's a story behind them: When we were still getting to know each other, I learned that Keith took Russian in college. I asked, "How do you pronounce your name in Russian?" He said, "Keet." My eyes lit up, and I said, "Oh! So when you get married someday, instead of being Mr. and Mrs. Williams, you can be a pair o'Keets!" That was bad, right? Despite the bad pun (or maybe because of it?), Keith fell in love. And parakeets became our thing. At the wedding, we displayed the parakeet story in a picture frame next to our cake. I barely even got to taste our wedding cake, now I smile every time I look at pictures of it.

Also: Dress teaser pic!!!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!!!

  2. I loved the birds before I knew the story, but now, it is even more special. So glad you were able to share that with your guests. And I like that you both have one of the birds at your work offices.

    I wasn't too fussy about cake either. I just wanted something that actually tasted good. Of course, I had one bite on the actual day and I think an aunt or someone took the rest of it home (darn relatives making off with my cake). Yours does look tasty.


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