Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Wedding Decor: An Eclectic Mix of Books, Mercury Glass, Birds, Texture, and Shine

I'm so excited to finally share our wedding pictures with you! I spent the last six months designing and assembling the look of our wedding and reception, and I'm thrilled by how it all came together. I wanted a classic, timeless look. And since we were married at the side of Old Hickory Lake, we chose a palette inspired by the natural landscape: Watery blue, driftwood brown, and metallics that mimic sun glinting off of the water. All these photos are of our actual wedding, and they were taken by Aaron Yung Photography.

I started from the bottom up, with linens. I wanted simple white tablecloths with an interesting runner to draw the eye toward the centerpieces. I envisioned runners with neutral colors and luxurious textures; I wanted something interesting but not loud. Most of the colors offered by our rental company were too bright, and their neutral linens with interesting textures were very expensive. Since my mother is a seamstress, she offered to sew table runners. WIN! We chose a metallic bronze and a champagne and icy blue brocade. Then we waited and bought the fabric during a sale, and used a coupon to get an extra discount. It ended up being cheaper than renting!  

For centerpieces, I wanted floral arrangements with an assemblage of pretty books, candlesticks and tea lights, mercury glass, and objects with architectural shapes. I really wanted variety in the height and items, so the tables didn't all look the same. My Mom and I spent months collecting tea light holders, candlesticks, objets d'art, and silver trays from thrift stores. I collected all the books. We rounded it out with some pieces from TJ Maxx.  

I originally intended to make all the flowers, but that was crazy. So we hired Elaine McCord to do floral arrangements for the tables, and I love what she made. I asked her to mix white lilies, roses, and hydrangea with lots of things that aren't flowers. I chose fuzzy Lamb's Ear and Dusty Miller, spiky artichokes, round green berries, delicate ferns, and woody lotus seed pods. I love the juxtaposition of textures!

The table numbers were the finishing touch. I designed them myself and used clip art from The Graphics Fairy. I used lots of bird clip art, because parakeets have sentimental value to us--but I'll explain that later. The table numbers sat on the tables in vintage picture frames, which I found at Southern Thrift for $0.39 apiece. I was so proud of that deal.

The books, birds, and colors were perfect. It felt so US. It was magical!


  1. Looks absolutely amazing! Congrats!

  2. You are incredible. Wish I had made it. Fogle

    1. I thought of you that day and wondered if Kappas are supposed to do special Kappa things at weddings.

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