Monday, November 18, 2013

Joy Merryman's Vintage Inspired Designs for Modern Gadgets (and Many Other Things)

Big news: Last week I finally joined the other denizens of the 21st century: I got my first smartphone! I went from a long-discontinued LG Cosmos to an iPhone 5S. I feel like I went from flying a kite to manning a rocketship, and I love it. For starters, I'm finally on Instagram! And secondly, I had the pleasure of shopping for a new phone case. Have you seen the JoyMerrymanStore on etsy? It's full of the most beautiful things, with vintage imagery re-imagined in modern colors. These are a few of my favorites. Can you guess which one I bought?

Bumblebee Botanical iPhone Case. I believe this image is an engraving from The Naturalist's Library by William Home Lizars.
Woodland Rabbit iPhone Case
Custom Vintage Monogram iPhone Case.  Ms. Merryman designs custom monograms in the colors of your choosing. Fancy!
Vintage Floral ihone Case
Apothecary iPhone Case
If you like her work, but you're not in the market for a new gadget case, take heart: You can also purchase her designs on water bottles, mugs, stationery, tote bags, and journals in her etsy shop. If you'd rather buy t-shirts, aprons, pillows, mouse pads, dry erase boards, mugs, magnets, coasters, candy jars, place mats, or even flip-flops with her designs, you can find them in her Zazzle shop. This dart board, inspired by a compass rose, is possibly the best item in the shop. I like it because it's pretty, and Keith likes it because, as he says, "I'd play the crap out of that dart board!" Hmm, that might be going on his Christmas list.


  1. Adding this to my list of where I'll buy my next case.

  2. not only are these cases wonderful but those product photos are so dreamy! be still my vintage loving heart!

    1. I know! I'm not sure her cases are ACTUALLY prettier than the other ones on etsy... but the photography certainly convinced me that they are. :)

  3. OMG I want them all!!! I am in the market for a new case!

    1. Good news: Now that my case has arrived, I can attest to its quality. It's very heavy and durable, and just as pretty in person. I bought the floral design on black, and I love it.


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