Monday, December 30, 2013

Creating A Calm, Quiet Bedroom with Soothing Neutrals. Or, Let's Sell This Place!

Hey, y'all! How was your Christmas? Did you drive four hours through snow and wear a gloriously tacky Christmas sweater?  Did you give any gifts that were a huge hit? What was the most-stolen item at your Dirty Santa game? My Christmas was peaceful and happy: I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with my family, ate tons of gingersnaps and peppermint ice cream, glowed when my Mom got really excited about the scarf I knitted for her, and cried when she gave me a quilt sewn together from cross-stitch blocks my Grandma made before she died. Mom said Grandma completed the blocks with the intention that they be made into a wedding present quilt for me someday. Um, yeah. I cried like a baby.

And then I started thinking: "How can I incorporate my other Christmas presents into the resale-friendly look I'm working on for my bedroom?" I'm not going to completely redo my bedroom right now, but I do need to make it look more resale friendly. And the oatmeal-colored studded wool curtains and inky blue studded velvet pillow Keith gave me for Christmas fit perfectly with everything else I had planned. Yeah, I'm into studs right now. And no, I can't say that with a straight face. 

So here's the current plan. What do you think? 

Bedroom Design for ResaleThe current wall color was a mistake that makes the room look dark and small, so I'm going to paint the walls with Benjamin Moore's Opal paint. It's a warm, slightly pinkish white with a subtle yellow undertone. It should make the room look bigger and brighter.

The current fabric on the headboard is fun, but it's not for everyone. To give the bedroom more classic appeal, I bought light brown linen at Textile Farics' last 50% off sale to reupholster the headboard. I'm going to use nailhead trim on it, too. 

To create some pleasing-to-the-eye symmetry, I thrifted an incredible pair of vintage Stiffel lamps. They're going to look so sharp with black shades. I'm craving the contrast of black and white, so this is my favorite part of the plan.

I'll be honest: It's a more sophisticated look than I've done before, and I'm not sure I can pull it off. It's kind of... I don't know... straight from a catalog. Part of me is thrilled at the prospect of having such a grown-up looking bedroom, and another part of me wonders if it's too generic. Where is the mountain of pillows? Where are the novelty fabrics and all the books?! But it's time for a new year and a new look, and I'm ready for a change. Besides, if everything goes as planned, I won't be sleeping there long. This is how the room looks now. It's kind of a mess, and painting is an even bigger mess. It's going to get worse before it gets better. Wish me luck.

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