Monday, December 23, 2013

What's Black and White and Beautiful All Over?

THESE ROOMS! Now that I'm spending so much more time at home, I'm itching to redecorate. But the condo won't be our home for much longer, so it doesn't make sense to do any serious decorating that goes beyond staging. Since what I have in mind is too edgy for staging, I'm filing my plans away for use in our next home. Sadly, this includes the bedroom concept I came up with in May (and then promptly moved to the back burner in favor of wedding plans). 

In the meantime, I'm happily planning and finding inspiration. These pictures make my heart sing:

From the dark fireplace and cornice to the Carrera marble coffee table to the black and white Natural History prints to the pheasant feathers to the showstopping chandelier, this is perfection. Just replace the white upholstery with greige fabric to hide the dog hair, and I'll move in. Via Lonny.
That chandelier! That spiky, dangerous, menacingly beautiful chandelier! It looks like something from a gothic fairy tale. Can't you imagine Sleeping Beauty's castle at the center of it? This simple room would be the perfect backdrop for one or two very special curiosities and antiquities. Normally I'm put off by perfect symmetery, because it makes me feel like if I walk into the room, I'll ruin the balance. But this is lovely. Via Lonny.
Black Hitchcock chair + White walls = High Drama. I'm on the lookout for black Hitchcock chairs. Six years ago I found
a beautiful set of black Hitchcock chairs for a song, and I passed them up. I'm still kicking myself for it. Via Lonny
For living spaves, I'm consistently drawn to sparkly chandeliers, white marble, botanical prints, dark wood floors, pale neutral upholstery, dark wooden trim, and wooden furniture with a dark brown finish. The most consistent element in all my inspiration pictures is high contrast, with lots  of black and white and few bright colors. So here's hoping our future living room looks something like this!

Classically Styled Black and Neutral Living Room
The sofa is the same one we have, but with different upholstery. I'm a firm believer in getting a good
sofa and reupholstering as needed, so I feel like I can ALMOST check the sofa off our list. Almost.

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  1. I'm a big fan of black and white base and then tossing in colors. My bedroom started out as black and white with pops of apple green and yellow...with a botanical feel...and then ran off the rails. Once I start adding color, I have no restraint...soon I started adding reds and purples because I like how they accented the green. Pretty soon the black and white initial concept was overshadowed with crazy bright color. I guess I am not cut out for neutrals. Hopefully you will have more restraint.


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