Monday, January 20, 2014

Have a Seat with One Kings Lane

Indulge me for a moment, and imagine your ideal chair. Would you prefer a Pop-Art plastic chair with a Saarinen base, or a stately Victorian lady's chair upholstered in antique needlepoint? After last week's upholstery project, I'm preoccupied with chairs right now. So I was pleased to find the Chair Style Guide at One King's Lane.

It's like a Seventeen magazine quiz, but so much better because it won't tell you what you're doing wrong with boys. It can help you find exactly what you want, even if you can't tell a Parsons chair from a Louis XIV, and you think Queen Ann legs should be covered in stockings.

Or can it? I was stumped: I knew the chair of my dreams had classic styling, but I wasn't drawn to wood or fabric. I wanted metal. So I poked around their website, looking for the chair of my dreams. I knew I'd found it when I saw these leather and wrought iron Campaign style chairs. Wow! The leather looks tough, but the graceful lines are pretty from every angle.
Once I found my dream chairs, I had a bit of fun imagining how I'd use them in an entryway. With a cabinet for shoes, a tray to collect mail, a mirror for checking one's lipstick when leaving the house, a little gold bowl to hold keys, and a comfy place to sit down and remove one's shoes after a long day, it's pretty and functional. 

Welcome Home with One Kings Lane
Can you spot the other four items from One Kings Lane?
For me, One Kings Lane is a place where I go to dream. At this point in my life, I can't impulsively purchase such big-ticket items. But I like their perfectly styled photography, and I'm always fascinated by the combinations of items in each collection. They mix old, new, modern, and froufrou in ways that always inspire me. So I visit often, and take notes. Note to self: Look for brass animals at thrift stores. And I think their stylish pairs of table lamps priced under $300, with lampshades, are a good deal. 

But we were talking about chairs! Which chair did the chart recommend for you? Do you like it, or did the quiz fail to address your style? And do you also think that Renaissance Revival chair looks like a really pretty torture device? I want to know!

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