Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 2014 Ipsy Bag: 19 Reasons

For those of you just tuning in, Ipsy is a beauty subscription service. For $10 a month, Ipsy sends 4 - 5 surprise beauty products to your door in a cute cosmetics bag. They even mail it in a shiny hot pink envelope! Seeing that envelope in my mailbox always makes me dance around like a little kid. If you don't want to get in a beauty rut, Ipsy is for you.

This month's bag is named for the 19 different products sent to Ipsy subscribers this month. From the 19 possible products, Ipsy chose 5 items for each subscriber. It's like having a makeup concierge; they base their choices on our reviews of products we received in the past. I feel like the longer I subscribe and the more feedback I give, the better Ipsy "gets" me. So it was strange when I opened my bag this month, and I wasn't immediately wowed. Let's be honest: At first glance, color cosmetics are more exciting than potions and lotions. But potions and lotions are expensive, and this month's bag was a good value.

Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner Spray, 1.7 oz. travel size: $6.00
Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm, full size: $12.00
Proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads, four pads: $13.33
skiin Smoothing and Soothing Eye Cream, 0.25 oz. sample: $15.00
Bonus for referring new subscribers: Beauty Blender and cleaner worth $19.95 (not included in total value)

TOTAL VALUE:  $53.33
Ipsy Cost: $10.00

I haven't reviewed an Ipsy bag since September because their shipping partner, DHL, is so slow. I don't usually get my bag until the end of the month! I didn't want to bore you with a review of a bag that everyone else wrote about the week before. But Ipsy is sending a wide variety of items now, so everyone's bag is different. Detailed reviews seem like a good idea again.

The Malin + Goetz lip balm has a subtle shine, no color, and no tackiness or excessive stickiness. Best of all, it left my chapped, flaky lips soft and free of flakes after two days of use. The minty-lime mojito scent is pleasant but quickly wears off. I didn't detect any flavor. I don't like to apply balms with my finger, but the container isn't designed for direct application to your lips. Aside from that, this product feels expensive and luxurious.

The Elizabeth Mott creamy eye pencil is too thin to use as eye shadow, so I use it as a highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes. This creamy pencil stays in place once it's been applied, and I love the metallic copper color so much. It makes greenish-brown eyes look bright green! It looks wonderful with dark, smoky plum eyeshadow.

The skiin eye cream has a light, mousse-like texture. I like it a lot. It absorbs quickly, makes my skin feel supple and soft, and doesn't feel heavy. Best of all, it didn't make my acne-prone skin break out.

The Healthy Sexy Hair leave-in conditioner simplified my hair routine. I used it along with my usual Diamond Oil and then blow-dried my hair. My hair looked so smooth, I didn't need to use any styling tools. Normally, I have to curl or straighten my hair after blow-drying to avoid frizz.

I can't review the Proactiv+ pads because I haven't used them yet. My skin is too sensitive and dry to use a product like this in the winter. Maybe I'll use them sometime in the future. Did you get them and try them? What did you think?

Even though I wasn't excited when I first opened my bag, I really like four out of the five products I received this month. It's almost like Ipsy knows what I need even better than I do. And that's what I like about Ipsy: It helps me discover great products I might never have thought to try otherwise.

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  1. I use my Beauty Blender sponge every day! It's how I apply my cream foundation/concealer. I switched to it mid-December and couldn't be happier. It makes application very easy.


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