Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nashville Antiques & Garden Show

Who wants to admire beautiful and strange old things? Keith was out of town last weekend, so I spent Friday and Saturday at the Nashville Antiques & Garden show. I wanted to buy everything, but it was all crazy expensive, so I only brought inspiration and photos home with me. Here's a shocker: I was drawn to neutral colors on dark backgrounds, tributes to English royalty, and items that would be at home in a cabinet of curiosities.  Yeah, I'm predictable. *grin*

What did surprise me was that I was so deeply drawn to items from old French Catholic churches. I suppose my Catholic upbringing is catching up with me? Some old Catholic things, like the Infant of Prague, are a bit creepy... but I think that makes it look right at home with the taxidermy and dark colors!

Sacred Heart Antiques, based in Tupelo, MS, had my favorite booth at the show.

A chair? No! That's an antique prayer kneeler. Seen at the Sacred Heart Antiques booth.
More French Catholic antiquities at the Sacred Heart Antiques booth.

Here's the crazy part: When Keith returned home on Monday night, he brought me a vintage chalkware statue of the Virgin Mary that had belonged to his grandmother. Does he know me, or what?! She was made by Columbia Statuary, and she looks a lot like this lovely lady here, but she's four inches shorter and chipped all over. I'm considering painting her white to hide the chips and make her look nicer with our stuff, because that bright blue doesn't match anything we own. But I'm wondering if the vintage Gods would find that sacrilegious. Ha. What do you think?

Mary Statue offered for sale by HerminasCottage on Etsy.


  1. My mom has several of those infant of prague things that were my grammy's. I have learned to love them. I would NOT paint the virgin mary statue, but if you think that is the only way you will display it then go for it. It's yours now. I have several Virgin Marys that were my moms that pepper my room. (you can take the catholic out of the girl...but you can't take it out of her room...apparently.). They are both chipped and cracking but I like the character it gives the pieces.

  2. I would not paint the statue. For now that might seem the thing to do but it would destroy the integrity of the piece. And you would be painting it for the person you are now. The person you will be in 20 years might feel differently.

  3. *sigh* You're probably right, but if it doesn't get painted, the person I will be in 20 years will never get to see it. Because if I don't paint it, I'm going to give it to Goodwill. I have no room to store it. And I have no use for anything this color. Darn it.

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  4. I totally would've only been a window shopper, but I have no idea how I missed this, living in Nashville at all! But it looks amazing! Also, I say go for it and paint it white! You might as well make it into something you want to keep around. : )

  5. So many great things to see. I love all of the bracelets. Nice to have met you.


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