Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Black, White and Delicious All Over: Dining Room Design

I'm making big plans for the new house. I hope it isn't premature; the inspection is on Wednesday morning, so things aren't final yet. But I can't contain my excitement! Right now everything in the new house is covered with a dingy layer of yellow nicotine, and I want to freshen it up with bright white paint. I'd like to create contrast with black chairs, and add color with a bright, monochromatic, but traditionally patterned rug. We will NOT be getting a Saarinen Tulip table, I'll keep dreaming about it anyway.

Dining Room Concept - Black, White, and Plum

My inspiration comes from these plates. Some of you might remember that I wrote about pillows from Zara Home's portrait collection last summer. I kept an eye on the collection for months, and finally, the price is right. They're on sale for just $4.90 apiece, and shipping is free. Mine just arrives yesterday, and I promise you, they're even prettier and more vivid in person. If you like them, snag them now. They won't last long!

Oh! I have one more thing to share: Last night while I was making dinner, my phone blew up. I was all, "What's happening?" OH! Australia's SheKnows magazine featured pictures of my living room, alongside three other fabulous bloggers! SheKnows even included a little shopping guide on how to get a similar look, which is completely surreal to me. I had a laugh when I saw that they spelled my new last name incorrectly, but honestly I was a little relieved to preserve a bit of anonymity online. Mostly, I feel honored to be included. Big high fives to the other ladies who were featured: Rachel at Hip Brown Home, Simone at Honey and Fizz, and Tessa at Down That Little Lane. Check each of them out, and be sure to visit SheKnows, too.


  1. THAT IS SO EXCITING! YOU ARE BLOWING UP! It is always thrilling to be recognized especially for something you take such pride in. To be honest, I like the accessories in your room better than the suggested ones..just saying! :)

    1. Haha, thank you!!! It was so weird to see a shopping guide based on my own taste that didn't include Goodwill and Pre to Post Modern.

  2. Yay Diningrooms! I do love a well laid table and a well prepared serene meal. Congrats on your house.


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