Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Can't Find Words for The O'More Alumni Show House. Amazing? Spectacular? That Doesn't Do It Justice!

I recently visited the O'More Alumni Show House and walked away nearly speechless. I found so much inspiration there, I don't know how to put it all in one post! But I'm getting ahead of myself. For readers who aren't native to Nashville, O'More College of Art & Design is an educational institution tucked away on a historic property just outside the city, in Franklin, Tennessee. When I was a child, I spent my summers at their summer art camps. I have fond memories of sketching the classical sculpture that topped the fountain in the garden... and then wildly splashing around in a vain attempt to catch the tadpoles that swam there.

The school fundraises and showcases the work of their interior design alumni at their annual show houses. Each year, they breathe new life into a historic property that has seen better days. For a month, they proudly show off the creative talents of their alumni, and then the homes are sold for a tidy profit--all of which goes into the school's coffers. This year, they turned their attention to the Dozier home at 1009 West Main Street in Franklin. The residence turned funeral home is now ready to be a residence again, and it's spectacular.

I love the soft color scheme. Designer Kathleen Evers somehow managed to use purple without making it look garish! And those mile-high curtains with goblet pleats at the top are exactly what I'd like to have someday. From Traditional Home's Twitter.
This cozy nook, tucked under a grand staircase, was designed by Eric Ross and Christine Barker. Doesn't it seem like the perfect place to curl up and read Harry Potter? From Traditional Home's Twitter.
I love the dark colors and utilitarian rug in the moody study, designed by Crysta Parish. From Traditioanl Home's Twitter.
Don't you love the mural on the wall in the breakfast area? The designer's son-in-law snapped the photo, and she has it blown up to epic proportions and printed onto wallpaper. WOW. If you did something like that, what kind of photo would you want to use? A landscape? A cityscape? A crazy-huge portrait? Or something else entirely? Photo taken by me.
Black and white and practically perfect, designed by JoAnn Haynes. I'd probably choose a less fussy light fixture, and I'd remove the painting from the window, but I love the colors, the terrarium in the window, and the moss under the glass tabletop. It reminds me of Elizabeth Lockhart's lovely moss wall. Take a look at it! From Traditional Home's Twitter.
I have a hard time choosing my favorite things about this house. I love that they didn't shy away from dark wall colors. The abundance of built-in bookcases makes this librarian dream of having something similar. And of course, I love (love!) the mural in the breakfast room and the black and white color scheme in the sunroom.

The bummer is that custom carpentry, extra-large squares of real marble tile, and antique Persian rugs are not an option for most of us. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw a price list for the items in the first picture! But there are so many ideas that almost anyone can use: The color schemes. The beautiful simplicity of curtain panels hung extra-high. The huge impact made by small pieces of framed art hung in a neat grid. Flowering branches exploding from a thrifted ginger jar vase. A bit of tiger print here. A bit of dried, preserved moss in a terrarium there. Yeah, you got this.

Today is the last day to see the house in person, so HURRY! Go there NOW! Or, just enjoy the pictures taken by Mark Zaleski at Tennessean. And tell me, what do you like best about the house?

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