Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Want It Painted Black.

Last week we had the new house inspected, and at first glance, the inspection report was terrifying. Essentially, the house has been owned by a succession of people who haven't done ANY routine maintenance on it. Ever. When I saw the 40 page inspection report, I FREAKED OUT. New Homeowner Jen doesn't know the difference between maintenance issues (roof and trim repair, no big deal) and deal breakers (black mold and aggressive termite infestation, RUN!). I was ready to walk away and start over, and that would've been stupid. I didn't calm down until my father took me out, filled me with pasta and wine, and talked me down with "If you don't want it, do you mind if I buy it? Because it would be a fantastic investment, and seriously, would you be mad if we did that?" If Dad wanted to buy it, it couldn't be THAT bad.

So yeah, we're seriously buying this house. And as soon as I get the keys, I'm going to paint all the trim black! All of the interior trim is currently a disgusting nicotine yellow, so it has to be painted no matter what. I've been talking about black and white contrast for a long, long time. And if these pictures from interior designer Jessica Helgerson's projects are any indication, that's a very, very good idea. I love the calm elegance of these rooms, and the  mix of old and new.
INSPIRATION PICTURE. NOT MY HOUSE. Design by Jessica Helgerson
More beautiful inspiration from Jessica Helgerson, and get this: This house used to be a public library. (!)
What else have I been doing? Knitting a loose knockoff of these. Reading this, which comes out next week (HUGE thanks for the advance copy, Lauren!). The usual. Oh, and constantly fielding calls and e-mails from our realtor, mortgage company, and various contractors. I've been flooded with so many house-related messages, I've somehow missed a handful of personal messages. Friends, it's not you. It's me and my overflowing inbox! I love you guys. Derp.

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  1. good luck! i was scared of our inspection report too, but it was all little stuff. I love how the black trim looks!


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