Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Love Paint. And Paint Can Lead to Love.

Paint Colors for Our New House

New paint makes me so excited! I think it's in my genes. Little known fact: When my parents had just met, she turned him down for a date because she was planning on painting a room that day. So he offered to join her and help. He must have been really good at cutting into the edges, because this year they'll celebrate their 36th anniversary. And she's probably asked him to paint dozens of rooms over the course of their marriage. Mom is obsessed with paint. Obsessed. 

So I came by my own obsession honestly. Now I'm all, "Mom? Can I borrow your Benjamin Moore fan deck? Pleeease?" Because the new house is getting painted this week, hurray! I can hardly wait to see how drastically different it's going to look (and smell!) with a few coats of primer and paint. We decided to hire out the job, because the entire house needs to be primed with oil-based Kilz to lock the smoke away forever. And we didn't do so well the last time we used oil-based Kilz. As in, we accidentally got so high on fumes that we didn't know we were high until my knees buckled. Not cool. Even Dad didn't want to tackle this job.

I spent much of last week scrubbing nicotine off of peach and aqua walls in preparation for the fresh paint. It was disgusting but so satisfying to see the rags turn yellow as I scrubbed. Like peeling off a Biore pore strip and saying, "Ewwww... but WOW." It's nasty, but it was even nastier to have it on the walls. Now I'm excited to say hello to the new colors. Here are the rooms that inspired some of these choices. Check out each of these designers. They're very, very talented.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
Stephen Shubel Interiors
Turan Designs

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