Friday, June 13, 2014

Be Vewwy, Vewwy Quiet. I'm Hunting Sofas!

If you ignore the temporary paper shades, it's really starting to look like and feel like home.
Until last night, our living room was like nail art or a Kardashian: Pretty, but completely useless. No one was going to use the room until we bought a living room sofa. So all week I was a hunter, and Craigslist was my hunting ground. 

I knew exactly what I wanted: A clean, neutral sofa with nailhead trim, slim arms, an overall square shape, and exposed legs. No bun feet, no leather, and nothing from a cheap big-box store. Bonus points for linen upholstery. And, sadly, nothing Mid-Century. I love Mid-Century furniture, but with our high ceilings, long and low Mid-Century sofas look like dollhouse furniture. 

Specific much? Um, yeah.

I went about the search with strict precision. Every morning and every night, I typed "Neutral Couch." "Neutral Sofa." "Linen Couch. Linen Sofa." "Nailhead Trim." I kept a long list of search terms, and late on Wednesday night, I found my mark and took aim.

GASP. It ticked every single box, and the seller was asking less than half what I'd pay for a piece of doodoo couch from Rooms To Go. A moment of research confirmed that it's the Simone sofa by Robin Bruce. It's not the most high end sofa ever, but it's nicer than what I expected to find on Craigslist. And did I mention that it ticked every single box?
Simone Sofa by Robin Bruce
In a heart pounding flurry, I e-mailed the seller immediately. I didn't waste her time with "Is it still available?" Instead, I pretty much said, "I have cash and a van and a husband who can carry stuff and I will be at your house ASAP." I tried to wave my qualifications at her the way that Mrs. Bennett would wave her daughters at eligible bachelors. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes, thank you for teaching me everything I know about winning the Craigslist race.

The big game hunter's trophy.
It's a bit darker than what I originally imagined, but I'm quite pleased with it regardless. Now I need your opinion. There is just one set of red pillows in this picture, but it came with two sets. I guess it would be fun to use this set of red pillows at Christmas, but I'd like to reupholster the second set in a neutral color. But what kind of upholstery would look best? A solid or a pattern? Something similar to the sofa, or something that contrasts with it? Please let me know what you'd do.

And good luck to everyone who is scouring Craigslist and thrift stores for something special this weekend!


  1. Aaak! It's looking awesome Jen. I could use some of your divine inspiration in my new house. Besides hauling boxes and cleaning, I'm useless at making a house housey.

  2. It looks beautiful, warm and welcoming. Personally I'd keep the red.

    1. Thank you so much! You know, the red is growing on me. Last night I was looking at fabric samples and imagining the red pillows covered in a neutral color, and it seemed boring. You may be right.


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